Who we are

Picture of houses at our new Brooklands development in Milton KeynesOur vision: working to provide aspirational homes and inspirational places

We are one of the largest property and leisure management, development and regeneration companies in the UK. 

We currently own or manage 182,725 homes and provide services to over 500,000 people. We have assets of £3.7 billion. Our vision is to create aspirational homes and inspirational places.

Creating and managing successful places

Building homes is just the start. New schools, shops, leisure facilities, job opportunities and training for support services make a place thrive. And we don't stop there: we manage places so they're sustainable in the future.

Social and commercial focus

Our products and services are socially and commercially driven. As a not-for-dividend organisation, any profit we make is re-invested back into the business.

A responsible business

We are a business with a social as well as a commercial purpose, and corporate responsibility remains at the heart of what we do.

We make a profit, but we invest all our profit back into the business. This means we can sustain a wide range of activities that make a difference to people's lives. We believe in responsible business, and work hard to integrate responsible business principles into everything we do.