How to get involved

Help us improve the service you receive by taking part in one of our customer groups.

Getting involved is a great way of meeting new people and gives you the chance to learn and develop key skills. Have a look at the list below and decide which one's right for you.

Diversity advisory panel

We want to:

  • Bring customers together to ensure we meet the different demands of our diverse customers
  • Make sure we're aware of specific local demands in the way we approach customers.

What's involved?
You'll need be available for events and have the level of expertise to:

  • Stretch and improve our diversity practice
  • Speak on behalf of Places for People at events
  • Attend 2 meetings a year
  • Carry out influencing and support work as required outside these meetings.

How to apply
Email or contact your local office 

Customer voice

Voice offers customers the chance to share their views and feedback from the comfort of their own homes. Members will usually be contacted 3-4 times per year, using their preferred method - email, post or telephone.

For more information

Email or contact your local office

Complaints review panel

What's involved?
Members will need to be available for meetings throughout the year. They must have the confidence to:

  • Be fair and reasonable when listening to complaints
  • Keep an unbiased approach
  • Maintain confidentiality about cases
  • Be confident and contribute
  • Make judgements following the panel hearing
  • Be willing to travel to sit on panels around the country.

Each review panel lasts about 1.5 hours.

How to apply
Email or contact your local office

Customer service reviews

Service reviews are a key way to check the quality of services we're delivering to our customers, identify service improvements and share good practice.

What's involved?
Customers work together as part of joint review teams, which use specific questions, reality checks and other relevant information to assess the quality of the service they are reviewing. They focus on the customer experience and outcomes for customers. This gives local managers a valuable source of customer feedback and an effective service improvement tool. 

How to apply
Email or contact your local office

Mystery shopping (Reality Checks)

The Reality Checks Customer Group is a new way of carrying out mystery shopping. It allows trained customers to review and rate how we handle Customer Service calls.

Call listening and scoring is all carried out online from the comfort of your own home. You must have access to a computer and an email address.

How to apply
Email or contact your local office

Regional customer groups

The focus of the regional customer group is to meet with local managers and review key areas of customer feedback. This enables all concerned to analyse the customer experience and help identify service improvements.

How to apply
Email or contact your local office

Regional/local individual support customer activities

We hold a variety of customer meetings, activities and events - either scheme-based or regionally to help improve services to customers in:

  • Sheltered housing
  • Schemes for older people
  • Schemes providing support onsite such as hostels
  • Tenancies with support provided.

We hold 3 regional events each year. Issues discussed include performance, service offers, policies and procedures and consultation on particular projects.

How to apply
Email or contact your local office

Customer action groups

Members of these groups spend time having in-depth discussions with our staff about a specific service. You can join action groups for the following services:

  • Complaints
  • Repairs
  • Income
  • Community safety
  • Value for money.

How to apply
Email or contact your local office

Customer editorial panel

We're always looking to improve the ways we communicate with customers. Members of the editorial panel work mainly from home. You'll be looking at newsletters, letters and other types of customer communication. You'll be asked to check the content, language, tone and format to make sure that it's clear and useful.

How to apply

Email or contact your local office

In your neighbourhood

We want to find out the main issues that affect you, your home and neighbourhood:

  • Are you satisfied with the cleanliness of your communal areas?
  • Do you think we tackle community safety effectively?
  • Do we provide a quality, customer-friendly repair service?

For more information

Email or contact your local office

Homes regional customer conferences

We hold a series of regional conferences for Places for People Homes customers. These focus on issues that are important at a regional level.

For more information

Contact your local office or neighbourhood officer for more information.