Subletting and lodgers

Thinking about having a lodger or subletting? You can - but make sure you check your tenancy agreement first. You can't have more people living in your home than your agreement allows. If you receive housing benefit you'll also need to tell your local council.


A lodger is someone who pays you to live in your home. You will have access to their room. If you'd like a lodger, contact the customer service centre to let them know. Unless you live in shared accommodation we allow you to take in lodgers.


This means you allow someone to live in a self-contained area of your home. You're not allowed to access this area. Get our written permission first before subletting and remember - you can't sublet your whole home.

If your lodger or subtenant causes a problem

This is your responsibility.

If you move out

You must ensure that the lodger or subtenant leaves as well.