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Get expert advice and support from the money advice team. It's free, confidential and has already helped many of our customers increase income by an average of £1,000 per year.

We can help you

Tick (orange) Benefit claims: a full analysis to see what benefits you can claim. We can also help you complete a benefit check to ensure you are receiving your full entitlement.

Tick (orange) Application forms: we'll do the hard work with benefit forms, helping you gather evidence and submit.

Tick (orange) Major changes to benefits have begun: we can help you prepare for Universal Credit, access a bank account and set up Direct Debits.

Tick (orange) Benefit overpayments: we'll help you challenge decisions and submit an appeal.

Tick (orange) Plan your finances: expert advice on budgeting, managing debt and dealing with creditors.

Tick (orange) Maximise your income: help with saving and reducing bills, so you'll have more money in your pocket.

Need some advice or help?

There are plenty of support services available nearby that would be happy to assist you. Why not try popping into a branch of:

You could also try search on Google using key words relating to your query (for example: benefits advice).

Alternatively, if you are a Places for People customer you can contact one of the Money Advice Team:

I live in My money advisor
North West, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Cheshire Kerri Johnson 01772 666209
North East, Cotman (Anglia) Peter Whittington 0191 227 5211
London and South East Magdalena Pietrzak 0208 831 0918
South West, Milton Keynes and Midlands Gareth Evans 0117 970 4538
Yorkshire Sarah May 0113 285 8945
Scotland Financial inclusion team 0131 657 0658
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