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Cotman Housing Association
23 June 2017
Our sincere and heartfelt condolences are with those who have been affected in any way by the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in London.
Cotman Housing Association
11 May 2017
Our joint partnership with Aberdeen City Council has reached an exciting milestone as the Shaping Aberdeen Housing business plan has been ratified by councillors.
Cotman Housing Association
10 May 2017
We are preparing to demonstrate our end-to-end service offering for local authority partners at this year’s LGA conference in Birmingham from 4-6 July.
Smith's Dock
09 May 2017
We've unveiled the first new Town Houses at Smith's Dock in North Shields - the first phase in the creation of a new neighbourhood on the Tyne.
Procurement Hub
08 May 2017
Procurement Hub, our free-to-join procurement consortium, has added two new solutions to its expanding offering.
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