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Double award win for PfP Capital

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Group company, PfP Capital, has secured wins at the Future Cities Forum Summer Awards and 2021 Planning Awards.

Future Cities Forum Summer Awards

PfP Capital’s joint venture with igloo, PfP igloo, has been named a winner at the 2021 Future Cities Forum Summer Awards.

The joint venture’s Steenberg’s Yard development in Newcastle was the winner of the Housing category. The development is part of a phased regeneration of an important Newcastle industrial suburb.

The awards focussed on projects that showed a real vision in concept, design and sustainability in how they would be delivered, as well as how they would add to their host cities. In the Housing category, judges looked for ‘creating a sense of place’ with community facilities and a joined-up approach to housing, infrastructure and jobs.

The judges were struck by the development’s residential quality, connected jobs and transport, and liked the phased approach of the wider masterplan and solid building blocks from which connectedness would grow.

2021 Planning Awards

PfP Capital also saw success at the 2021 Planning Awards. Blueprint, a partnership between PfP Capital and Nottingham City Council to transform Trent Waterside Basin, won the Stakeholder Engagement in Planning category.

The partnership took an innovative, digitally led public consultation approach, providing a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape the urban regeneration of the new neighbourhood and the wider Nottingham waterside area.

Judges of the award were quick to recognise the achievement and the potential influence of this new approach. They said of the winning entry: “A once in a lifetime opportunity to shape the urban regeneration of Nottingham's waterside led to a revolutionary, digital-first stakeholder engagement exercise that increased meaningful participation by 1500%.

“The use of innovative, interactive tools, combined with powerful data analytics, and an emphasis on youth-friendly content ensured that a remarkably diverse audience, including those seldom heard, was consulted during a multi-stage, irrefutably transparent engagement campaign.”

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