We aim to be a first class employer, providing equal opportunities for work and training. And we apply our principles of equality and diversity to the partners and suppliers we work with too.


Our objectives

Our equality objectives give us direction and help us to achieve our vision. They say how we aim to advance and improve what we do and meet equality legislation.

Our aim is never to make the same mistake twice and to ensure we continue to treat people fairly and deliver equal outcomes to make a difference to people lives.

Our diversity and equality objectives are about:

  • Making sure that we provide excellent services and treating people fairly.
  • Working well with other people who deliver our services.
  • Being a first class employer and creating opportunities for training and employment.

Our key priorities and future work includes:

Objective 1: Improving services

  • Develop and incorporate best diversity practice in design and delivery of services.
  • Carry out equality analysis to make sure that we understand how our services and products impact on different people.
  • Identify new products to support older people.

Objective 2: Improving access to products and services

  • Improve design and access to our developments taking into account individual circumstance and need.
  • Ensure that our information and communications are clear and fit for purpose.
  • Making it easier for deaf and hearing impaired customers to access our services.
  • Make sure that more and more people take advantage of our financial products so that they get extra help with the cost of living and cheaper deals.

Objective 3: Working with partners and contractors

  • Work with contractors to help them to achieve their social goals and provide social value.
  • Look at ways of increasing opportunities for new contracts so that we can continue to provide quality and value for money.
  • Work with other companies and share good practice.

Objective 4: Being a good employer

  • Increase opportunities to provide valuable training and learning and aim to employ more young people across the Group.
  • Make sure that our staff have good training and are recognised for doing a good job.
  • Engaging with staff so that we can get to the root causes of problems and deal with them.

How we make sure we do what we say

We look at the progress that we are making throughout the year in lots of different areas of our business since diversity and inclusion isn’t just a ‘one off’ event.

This includes:

  • Looking at our customer’s feedback and responses from engagement activity to measure satisfaction and where we are making a difference.
  • Our annual business planning process which has diversity at its core.
  • Reporting on positive feedback that we receive and sharing good practice.

We also carry out business diversity self-assessment health checks which enable our staff to contribute ideas for improving what we do. Looking at and trying to improve what we do is an ongoing feature of our day-to-day operations.

We will consult upon and review our equality objectives every four years. 

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Find out more

If you would like to know more about our approach to diversity and equality then please email equalityanddiversity@placesforpeople.co.uk