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Local Customer Scrutiny Panels

About the Local Customer Scrutiny Panels

Local Customer Scrutiny Panels assess performance and delivery of essential services, identify areas for improvement, and highlight aspects of good practice.

The Scrutiny Panels produce an annual work plan, which details the services to be looked at during the year. The work plan will focus on at least two topics per year.

The panel will select topics for the work plan based on the following criteria:

  • Performance information
  • Satisfaction data and will focus on topics with a low customer satisfaction
  • Colleagues may suggest topics for scrutiny
  • Topics received from customers.

The Scrutiny Panel may also appoint subgroups or task and finish groups to carry out specific elements of the scrutiny process. The groups will report to the Scrutiny Panel and cease to exist once their work has been completed.

Members of local scrutiny panels may be nominated to sit on a Group Scrutiny if the topic being reviewed needs input from across all the Places for People landlords.

What you'll be doing

You will work with us to:

  • Undertake one-off in-depth examinations of specific services
  • Look at a high level, long term service planning
  • Prioritise work on services that show low customer satisfaction
  • Offer recommendations for improvements and highlight areas of best practice
  • Share best practice and help us in re-shaping and improving services for a better customer experience
  • Recommend changes you'd like to see
  • Hold us to account to ensure the changes are made
  • Work with staff to check that services meet customer and business priorities
  • Monitor the improvements and keep customers informed.

Member qualities and skills

  • Willing to work with us to improve services for customers
  • A commitment to support our Customer Voice Strategy and Promise.[LINK]
  • Able to think strategically about policies, processes and procedures used across the affordable housing landlords.
  • Objectivity in the approach to reviewing and monitoring policies, processes and procedures.
  • Willing to work with others to achieve shared aims and be a team player.
  • A commitment to continuously learn and developing your skills and knowledge.

Training and support

All involved customers will be encouraged and supported to take advantage of the Tenant Participation Advisory Service (TPAS) training seminars, round table discussions and the wealth of information available to members.

We will also be able to provide support and advice to help you access the training you need.


You will be asked to attend a minimum of four meetings per year (either online or in-person).


Customers from Places for People, Places for People Living Plus and Places for People Scotland are welcome to apply to be a member of a local Scrutiny Panel. 

Unfortunately, we cannot consider your application if:

  • We are taking legal action against you, or you are in a legal dispute with Places for People or any of the subsidiary companies within the Group
  • You are employed by Places for People or any of the subsidiary companies.

Fees and expenses

This role is a voluntary position, and you may be entitled to claim any reasonable out of pocket expenses related to your involvement activities in line with our Expenses Policy.


Membership will be reviewed on an annual basis.