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Our mission and focus

We don’t have 40 years to wait for change

The mission statement

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow – but we don’t have 40 years to wait for change.

Unlock Next Gen’s aim is to get people communicating, collaborating, and making change now.

Through discussions with younger generations, from primary school pupils to young professionals and all ages in between, we will reaffirm young people's place at the heart of decision making, and ensure their voices are heard on the issues that will affect their future.

The Focus

By focusing on five key areas of sustainability, each ‘chapter’ of our Unlock Next Gen journey will move us all closer to reaching net cero carbon goals, reduce our impact on the planet, and create a more sustainable, stable future for the next generation.

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Through our network of influential industry leaders, we can drive forward ideas from grass roots to innovation, reaffirming young people's place at the heart of decision making and starting our journey for change.

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