The Bristol Young Parents Alliance (BYPA) - a pioneering partnership between housing and support providers Places for People Living+ and Elim Housing - has hosted its annual activity day, introducing a wide range of advice and support services available to young parents across the city.

The well-attended event featured information stands from various local support providers, as well as a supervised crèche and beauty treatments for the busy young parents.  In addition to offering information and advice, the annual event also promotes networking between contributing local agencies.

The annual BYPA event encourages service users to feed back on the services available locally, and discuss how they may be improved in future. Five young parents were interviewed by BCC commissioners at the event, as they are currently reviewing services for young people. Two young parents also signed up for formal studies at City of Bristol College.

Bristol Young Parents Alliance has been supporting young families in Bristol with housing-related support needs since 2013, offering individual tailored support within 36 units of accommodation across 3 sites in the city.

Alongside its accommodation-based support facilities, BYPA offers a 'Floating Support Service', which can be accessed by any young parent in need of housing advice or support in the wider community. The floating service works with 100 new families each year, helping those at risk of homelessness or in temporary accommodation including bed and breakfasts.

Emma Dawson, Scheme Manager, Places for People Living+

"Bristol Young Parents Alliance has grown over the past three years to provide a broad support network for young parents and families across Bristol. BYPA is a great example of local agencies working together to deliver extremely positive outcomes for young people, as well as promoting independence in the long term."

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