Cotman Housing Association, part of the Places for People Group, has been awarded £558,185 of National Lottery funding for two projects to help people stay active when their life circumstances change.

The ‘Still Me’ project aims to support carers of people living with dementia in Norwich, whilst ‘Still Moving’ will help people in Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk who have moved home to get involved in physical activity again.

This follows a successful bid for funding to support the ‘Still On the Go’ project in 2017 which aims to get 500 older people moving over three years.

Sport England research shows that there are nearly 15 million people who are regularly active in England, which means they have a resilient habit of sport and physical activity. 

Active people benefit from enhanced quality of life, confidence, and improved physical and mental wellbeing. But even people with the strongest habits are at risk of dropping out when they go through a major life change, whether that’s a serious injury or illness, having a baby, children starting school, a new job, moving house or retiring.

Cotman Housing Association is one of a number of partners that Sport England is working with to help people to stay active – particularly those most vulnerable to dropping out, such as people on a low income, women, older people and people with a disability.

Becoming a carer of someone living with dementia can have a huge impact upon a person’s health, wellbeing, motivation and ability to remain physically active. Carers can find it emotionally difficult to invest in themselves and their own wellbeing. ‘Still Me’ will support carers and the people they care for to become physically active again. 

Often moving home is as a result of significant life changing events which can prevent people from taking part in regular physical activities. ‘Still Moving’ will work with people who have recently moved, or are moving, to re-kindle their enjoyment of exercise and feel part of the community. 

Improved wellbeing

Jane Warnes, Managing Director of Cotman Housing Association, said: “We are delighted to have been awarded National Lottery funding to support carers of a loved one with dementia to remain active and to help people moving house to become active again. Our projects will build on our successful track record of supporting individuals and communities, and will lead to improved wellbeing for our beneficiaries.”

Sport England's Director of Sport Phil Smith said, “We know that when life changes, activity habits can change too. Leaving school or college, getting a new job, starting a family, retiring from work - all big challenges for even the most committed to sport and fitness. We want to find out what would make it easier for people to stay active after that big change.

“Thanks to National Lottery players, we are giving Cotman Housing Association project funding so they can help carers and people moving home to become physically active again. Sport England will support this work and share what works – and what doesn't – more widely among the sport sector so more can be done to help support people to keep up their activity habits whatever happens in their lives."

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