Companies employing 250 people or more are required to publish a Gender Pay Gap Report each year. The report must contain certain statistics that seek to measure the Gender Pay Gap. These statistics must also be provided to the Government.

As we did last year, led by our culture and values, we have decided to go above and beyond the requirements and report on gender pay across the whole Group, regardless of size as well as fulfil our legal obligations.

Our latest Gender Pay Gap Report, as at 5 April 2018, outlines gender pay across the Group, as well as the breakdown for our companies which must legally publish their data.

We’re generally pleased with our latest results, as they show our Gender Pay Gap moving towards zero. However, we acknowledge that there is more to do in certain areas.

The report can be found at:

What is the gender pay gap?

The Gender Pay Gap is a measure of the difference between the average pay of males and females across the same organisation. It is not the same as equal pay, which relates to males and females being paid equally for equal work, or work of equal value. This has been a legal requirement for many years and a matter of principle that we are committed to.

What the report shows

Our mean gender pay gap at 4.6% and median gender pay gap at 0.9% demonstrate that our gender pay is broadly neutral across the Group.

  • Both of these key metrics have moved towards zero compared to last year (previous year mean gap 6.3% and median gap -5.5%)
  • Our results in this area are also below the national averages reported by XpertHR of 16.6% (mean) and 12.4% (median), and as provisionally estimated by the ONS for the whole of the UK in 2018 of 17.1% (mean) and 17.9% (median).
  • While the results show that overall pay is neutral by design, there is more to do and the report highlights the commitment the Group is making to ensure the gender pay gap is further reduced and that representation in senior roles is more diverse.
  • As you would expect given the size and scope of our Group, there are some differences between companies.

The report includes a number of actions we will be taking to ensure Places for People continues to be an inclusive, diverse and attractive place to work.

our gender pay gap report is now available.

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