Living+ is paving the way, delivering new and innovative housing solutions to support vulnerable customers with complex needs.

Living+ mission is to create innovative accommodation solutions to improve the health, well-being and long term prospects of vulnerable people with complex needs. Supporting over 6,500 customers nationally, Living+, Part of Places for People are the Group’s care and support specialist. For over 50 years we have provided accommodation, support and care services enabling our customers to live independent fulfilling lives by providing so much more than just a roof.

It is very well documented that demographic changes report people are living longer, in declining health, needing suitable accommodation and this is expected to continue.

There is rising demand for Extra Care and Specialist Supported housing as a realistic alternative to high cost residential and nursing care. In addition, homelessness is on the rise and in April 2018 new statutory duties came into force for Local Authorities to reduce homelessness under the new Homelessness Reduction Act.

Much-needed accommodation

In response to all of this, Living+ continue to offer real solutions to customers, communities and local authorities by providing much-needed accommodation through a combination of Extra Care, Specialist Supported Housing developments and via its Specialist Landlord business model.

Living+ growth agenda in 2019/20 will be substantive and with a 3-year development pipeline for supported housing estimated at somewhere between £150-£200 million, Living+ are poised to invest nearly £60million of this into supported housing alone in 2019/20.

Increased independence for residents

The most recently completed Living+ development is Heathy House. This 22 bed facility spread over two brand new buildings in Halifax became the newest development in Living+ Specialist Supported Housing portfolio and is helping to address the shortage of community-based services for adults with very complex needs in the Calderdale area.   In partnership with a Care and Support provider, the £3.5 million facility has been carefully designed to provide two distinct accommodation types. A residential home offers dedicated care to those with daily support needs whilst the other building provides individual apartments, ensuring there is a pathway to increased independence for residents.

The latest Living+ development to begin construction in February 2019 with the support of Homes England, is a new £10.2 million scheme to provide 60 high quality Extra Care apartments again providing much needed accommodation to address the needs of elderly people in Grimsby. The project is being delivered in partnership with Morgan Ashley and NHS North East Lincolnshire CCG. Extra Care housing supports elderly people to live safely and independently with easy access to social activities, in the knowledge that care is at hand when required.

Person-centred support

In terms of its Specialist Landlord business model, over the past twelve months Living+ has purchased over £10m of high-quality properties from the open market equating to over 120 bed spaces to lease to over 150 acute mental health trusts and care & support providers. In 2019/20, £13 million of the £60 million development fund, will be spent on the purchase of more high-quality homes creating over 170 additional bed spaces.

Other strategic developmental locations in which at least five new Extra Care housing developments will commence in 2019/20 are Hampshire and Leicester.

Living+ offers person-centred support to the customers in all its schemes and services, enabling individuals or families to build their capacity for independent living and offering a solution to authorities to address the issues of housing supply or homelessness in their areas. In those schemes where the presenting needs are greatest, we offer 24/7 services to ensure that people leading chaotic lives and/or those in crisis are fully supported.

Innovative solutions

In 2019/20 Living+ will commence the first of what is intended will be a number of developments for temporary relocatable supported accommodation delivered using modular/container build. Living+ is responding to the housing crisis innovatively and efficiently and this pilot is specifically being developed in response to demand for homelessness accommodation provision. The first units developed by Living+ will be in the North East where Living+ already has a strong presence and will deliver accommodation where it is most needed, delivering real social value.

Debi Marriott-Lavery, Chief Executive, Living+ said, “We are very committed to supporting the communities we serve by developing more services within our heartlands and in parallel developing new services in areas of the UK where we have previously had limited coverage. As sector experts for the Places for People Group, we understand and are responding to the changing demographic and the social economic challenges of housing for vulnerable people in society and are investing heavily in accommodation for people in Later Life, those with disabilities, hospital step-down services and homelessness provision.”

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