Supporting better health and wellbeing

The health and social care system in the UK is under immense pressure due to rising demand and budget challenges. The Group is helping to respond to these challenges by providing supported housing and offering leisure opportunities to support better physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Data from Sport England shows that 25% of the population is currently inactive. Across the Group, we are providing opportunities for people to take part in physical activity to improve their health and wellbeing.

From delivering social prescribing services to teaching over 80,000 children to swim each week, we're committed to creating environments where our people and customers have opportunities to thrive.


Health and wellbeing projects




Sustaining tenancies, strengthening financial and digital inclusion

Being unable to manage your home and money can have devastating results. Similarly, digital exclusion can cause social isolation and prevent people from accessing essential information and services.

Across the Group, our businesses are helping customers to overcome these barriers by providing digital and financial literacy training. In 2019-20, 1,224 people attended digital inclusion support sessions to build the skills needed to manage their homes and sustain their tenancies.


Financial and digital inclusion projects

Building sustainable and resilient communities

Places work when they work for everyone. That means customers being able to connect with each other, creating positive change and being supported by a thriving voluntary sector. And communities are only really sustainable if they can access green spaces and nature, and play a meaningful role in tackling climate change.

In 2019-20, we provided opportunities for customers to come together, improve their lives and shape the services we deliver and provided 13,500 opportunities for young people. 

We also invest in the organisations that make a difference in our communities. This year we have invested over £550,000 into charities, social enterprises, community organisations and projects to create positive change in our communities. 


Sustainable communities projects
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Providing opportunities to access education, training and employment

There is a great need to inspire the workforce of tomorrow and help people back into work who have faced challenges in their lives. Over the last year, we have worked with partners to support 2,762 people into employment, provide training and skills development, and recruited over 650 apprentices.

We are committed to improving access to training and jobs, improving employability, volunteering opportunities and developing new skills.


Education, training and employment projects