Working as partners of a European Commission-funded initiative, DREEAM (Demonstrating an integrated Renovation approach for Energy Efficiency At the Multi-building scale), colleagues from Places for People Homes, Property Services and Environmental Sustainability have been collaborating on a project that aims to improve the energy efficiency of homes.

The project is made up of three pilot sites across Europe including sites in Berlin, Italy and our site in Padiham, Burnley.

On Tuesday 5 February we welcomed representatives from the European Housing Network and the DREEAM consortium. They came together to visit the Padiham site to share best professional practices, showcase the great work that has taken place and the impact it’s had on our residents.

Tackling energy efficiency

Work began at our Padiham site in February of 2017 and aims to equip each of the 105 properties with a range of energy efficiency measures aimed at reducing energy consumption, such as new energy efficient storage heaters (an improvement on what residents previously had), solar panels, external wall insulation and a new hot water system to name a few. As part of the visit, Derek Watters, Head of Environmental Sustainability at Places for People, showed visitors round to some of the properties that had the energy efficiency measures in place.

Prior to the scheme starting some of the residents had been living with unaffordable energy costs resulting in high usage bills. Response from residents who have had some of the works completed has been very positive, with many celebrating the level of control they have over their in-door climate and the cost-savings they have seen in their energy bills.

Leading the way

Work on our pilot site in Padiham is now complete, with the overall DREEAM project set for completion in September 2019. The work we have done there has the potential to lead the way in developing a cost-effective maintenance model for the entire UK social rented market. It stands as a great example of our commitment to collaboration, innovation and sustainability.