Young people often face issues such as isolation and the subsequent temptation to become involved in anti-social activities. FNP‘s Scheme Manager, Judith Tenet, and team support young people to build their confidence and develop their life skills so that they may make positive choices and move forward into the community independently.

Speaking about FNP, Judith said “since the project started in 2012, there has been a huge increase in the number of young people attending events in our communal living space, rather than going out into the community.  Having activities & digital inclusion in a safe and happy environment attracts young people to come together and socialise in a positive and healthy manner.”

FNP is planned once a month and young people are involved in planning each session, which also helps to encourage attendance.  Last year, sessions included day trips to provide assistance to the homeless in soup kitchens and shelters, as well as inviting guest speakers from a range of providers such as Shelter and Step Change. 

Over the last four years the Touchstone Fund has had a positive impact on many young people’s lives. When asked about the Friday Night Project, a previous attendee said, “I thought the FNP was great. It brought everyone together. It was good to speak to staff and other young people. It made an impact on me, it me stopped me from going out and doing silly stuff.  The FNP made me feel included with the other residents. It was also great that food was provided because some young people didn’t know how to cook”.