Places Foundation and the Travis Perkins Legacy Fund have collaborated to help support St Neots Timebank in Cambridge. 

St Neots Timebank, launched in March 2012, helps older and vulnerable people in the local community, checking in by phone and supporting them with daily tasks, as well as providing some companionship. 20 people provide support at the Timebank with referrals for its services increasing daily. 

Thanks to a £838 donation from Places Foundation, the Timebank will be able to offer its services to 209 members over the next 6 – 7 weeks, with the donation also going towards purchasing food and other items for older and vulnerable people in the local community. 

Thank you

Georgina Corley, a coordinator at St Neots Timebank,  said: “I anticipate demand will continue to increase as we recently opened the timebank to non-members. Our helpers will make 80-100 phone calls and approximately 35 people will require further help."

Feedback from local residents includes: 

“I have found everyone so helpful if you ask. The phone is your best friend at the moment. Maybe this crisis has brought out the best in people, thank you.”

“Your calls have been really good for my mental health, Thank you.”