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We take our obligations to tackle anti-social behaviour seriously.

Anti-social behaviour is unacceptable. It includes behaviour that causes harm to:

  • the environment, like graffiti or fly-tipping
  • the community, like noise pollution, drunken behaviour or drug taking
  • an individual, like threatening language or aggressive behaviour

Remember: if there's a threat to life or a crime being committed ring 999.

Report anti-social behaviour

If you are feeling affected by anti-social behaviour then you need to let us know. 

You can call us to report anti-social behaviour at 0345 266 9760

What else can you do?

We've produced two guides, Neighbours Matter and Noise Matters which explain more about how neighbourhood issues and complaints are managed and the steps you can take. Always remember to try and resolve and problems first by talking to your neighbour in a reasonable and polite way and explain how their behaviour is affecting you.

Often the person is not aware that they are causing a problem. 

If the problem is excessive noise, you can also contact your local authority's environmental service. Under the law, local authorities have a duty to deal with any noise that they consider to be what's known as a 'statutory nuisance'.


If you need assistance in resolving an issue with your neighbour, you can contact our mediation service. The service is free to use for customers and is highly successful in resolving neighbour disputes. For more information on Mediation and how to make a referral, please call 0345 266 9760

When you contact us to report an instance of anti-social behaviour we will need to know:

  • when and where it happened, as accurately as possible
  • what happened
  • who was behaving anti-socially
  • who else saw or heard the incident
  • If the behaviour is criminal as well as anti-social, you must tell the police.

What we'll do

If the case is serious you'll be contacted by one of our specialist Community Safety Colleagues within 1 working day.

In all other cases you will need to complete our Initial Anti-social Behaviour Report. We will assess this within 5 working days. In most instances you’ll be asked to complete diary/incident log detailing the issues over a 2-week period. You can download an incident diary by clicking here.

By keeping a log of issues, it builds up a picture of the frequency and seriousness of the behaviour and this evidence may be used in any court action. Without continuing evidence it will be difficult to investigate your case further.

We will often work in partnership with other agencies to resolve your complaint and may ask you to also report any incidents to the police, environmental health department and the anti-social behaviour officer at your local authority. Sometimes our partners - especially the police and environmental health departments - are in a better position to take the lead in order to resolve cases effectively.

Useful tips for logging incidents:

    • You need to report only the things you’ve seen or heard, not opinions
    • Other people in your household need to use their own sheet
    • Write everything down when it’s fresh in your mind.
    • Please write down the full time and date (eg 1pm (or 13:00), 24/11/2021) when the incident started and stopped
    • Try to record as much detail as possible – for example, for a noise complaint:
      • the type of noise, for example, loud music, drilling, dog barking
      • how loud the noise was, such as “I could hear it above my television”, “my windows were rattling”
      • how bad it was – “it woke me up”, “I couldn’t fall asleep”, “I couldn’t concentrate on my book”
    • If you are verbally abused or threatened, please write the exact words that were said.  If it was by letter, text or email etc please keep these
    • If you know who is causing the problem write it down – eg “David Smith”, “their oldest son”, “a visitor called Mike”
    • If you call the Police, please record the time, date, the names and badge numbers of any officers who respond, and which station they came from and any reference number they give you.

If a case is opened following your report a specialist Community Safety colleague will contact you to discuss the next steps with you. We'll take the appropriate action to resolve the nuisance if we believe that the conduct constitutes anti-social behaviour.

Noise App

If you are experiencing noise nuisance we always recommend you contact your Local Authority Environmental Services Team. Our customers can now also download the Noise App, a new way to monitor and record incidents of noise nuisance. You can read more about it on the Noise App website and you can watch the instructional video, below.

The Noise App is available to download on iPhone and android handsets via the App Store and Google Play. Once registered, residents can use the Noise App to record noise nuisance disturbances and then submit these directly to us.

The appropriate team then has access to view and listen to these recordings and take action. The noise app is a quick and easy way for residents to submit potential evidence of anti-social behaviour.




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