Hello, I’m Amy! The past few months working here has been really enjoyable and helpful in building the basis of my career.

Having a background in studying midwifery, I decided that it wasn’t the career for me. Whilst it was challenging entering an industry I had little knowledge about, the supportive nature and SPIRIT values of the company helped me settle in quickly. 

One of the best things has been getting to know my colleagues across the Group, as well as my fellow Emerging Talent cohort members. I’m looking forward to continuing to strengthen these business relationships throughout the programme, as well as getting involved in more voluntary projects that make a visibly positive difference to people’s lives.

About me

  • Before joining the company, I worked in numerous sales roles while at college. This is my first job since leaving university!
  • I once volunteered at an orphanage in Ethiopia.
  • My graduation was in 2019 where I received a BSc in Midwifery from Sheffield Hallam University.
  • I'm based in Nottingham, but the nature of my role has me working all over the Midlands.

"the company's supportive spirit values helped me adapt to my new industry quickly"