Hello, my name’s Grigory, and I’ve had a great start at Places for People, joining the Emerging Talent programme in September 2020.

Having only joined the Group recently, I am looking forward to developing new skills in areas where I have never worked before. Being able to build on my own personal development while supporting the Group is a great benefit to this programme.

I’m really looking forward to getting involved in all aspects the programme has to offer.

I joined the Emerging Talent programme as the role really matched my existing skills, as well as giving me the opportunity for career progression and personal development. There is a strong emphasis on being what you want to be and taking control of the opportunities that come your way. This highly resonated with me.

I am really looking forward to getting stuck into the wide array of energy projects that are currently going on. Whether it be a refurbishment of old energy systems or retrofitting homes with the latest technology, all seem very exciting!   

  • My biggest hobby is music - I play in three bands.
  • I graduated with a MEng Energy Engineering from the University of Leeds.
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"there is a strong emphasis on being who you want to be and taking any opportunity that comes your way"