Hi, I’m Trixia. Since joining in September 2020, I’ve had a fantastic experience on the programme.

One of the key reasons I joined the programme was to challenge myself and my capabilities. I have limited experience in Management Accounting so I’m excited that the programme will let me explore this over the next two years. The programme will also support me through the first steps on my career ladder.

The continuous friendly support I’ve received from across the company has been very useful and appreciated!

I’m looking forward to learning and getting trained on the various platforms the Group uses and learning more about my team and meeting them in person.

  • Prior to joining the programme, I studied BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance from Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • I did some work experience in the travel industry as part of my placement which was a great experience
  • I once flew an air cadet glider plane!

"I've received continuous and friendly support from across the business"