Report a repair

Sign in to your online account to report a repair.

Give as much detail as you can. This will help us to plan your repair more quickly.

We aim to do repairs at a time that's convenient. We'll do our best to accommodate your preferred times.

Emergency repairs

Don't report emergencies - like burst pipes or gas leaks - online. Telephone us immediately. Lines are open 24 hours.



Company 0845 number Local number
Places for People Homes View details View details
Places for People Living+ View details View details
Places for People Leisure 01276 418200
Private rent 0845 850 9579 01772 667006
Castle Rock Edinvar
Housing Association /
Places for People Scotland
0845 850 9573 01772 667007
Homeowners 0845 850 9575 01772 667009
Homes for sale 0845 850 9580 01772 667058
Cotman Housing Association View details View details

If you are deaf or hard of hearing

Minicom users can call 0800 432 0008 or 01772 667008. If you don't have a minicom you can report an emergency repair by texting us on 07790 886 967.

If you own your home

You may need to make the repairs yourself. Call us on 0845 850 9575.

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"96% of customers were satisfied with major repairs."
Annual review 2013