The fast pace of modern life means we're much less likely to know our neighbours, with a survey finding six million of us don't know any of our neighbours by name. But, while technology might make it easier to keep in touch with friends and family thousands of miles away, it's worth developing relationships closer to home too.

The survey, which was conducted by Aviva, found that there are some major benefits to knowing your neighbours. More than half of those questioned said it made them feel safer in their homes while 47% said that being on first name terms with those living nearby made them happier.

Good neighbours can also take in deliveries for you, look after your pets and even check your home is safe and secure when you're on holiday.

But, whether or not you know your neighbours, you can also find yourself out of pocket as a result of them. For instance, imagine a pipe burst in their property and the water seeped into your home, ruining your sofa and blowing up your television. Although you could argue it was their fault, you'd be responsible for replacing the damaged items in your home.

In these situations, while it can be beneficial to be on good terms with them, home insurance offers an even bigger guarantee that you won't be left out of pocket. Escape of water is one of the commonest claims seen by home insurers, with the average claim a staggering £2,638. Given these figures, having cover can provide considerable peace of mind, whatever your neighbours get up to.

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