Apps aren’t only about social media, gaming and watching box sets – they can help you organise your money too.

There are apps to help you budget and bots which save money for you. Want to do a price comparison? You’ll find apps for that too. There are even apps which pay you to complete tasks in your area while you are already out and about.

Here are some of our favourites:

  1. Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is a free app which gives you a fantastic overview of your finances.

You can see what’s coming in and going out of all your accounts in one place, no matter who you bank with. It automatically puts your spending into categories to help you plan and budget. This includes things like groceries, leisure and household bills. It also helps you see where you can make daily savings.

It’s read-only too, so can't make any payments, withdrawals or transfers from any of your accounts.

  1. Chip

Chip is a bot-based app which helps you save money. You need to give it access to your bank accounts, then it will track your spending habits.

Chip will look at your incomings and outgoings and work out how much you can afford to save each week. Not only that – it will actually put that money away in a savings account for you, saving you the hassle. Plus it pays interest on your savings!

  1. Idealo

Ever bought something then seen it cheaper somewhere else a few days later? We all hate it when that happens! When you find something you need to buy, such as a new pair of school shoes for the children, Idealo lets you do a quick price comparison.

The app lets you search for the same product or scan the barcode, and tells you if and where you can get the same item cheaper. It could be a case of walking two minutes down the road to another store and getting it for half the price

  1. Parkopedia

If you do own a car, this app is great for finding free parking. It’s a location-based app which will load a map of spaces in your area, or let you search by postcode or place if you are travelling somewhere else.

You can use the filters to find free parking, or look for the cheapest car park. It will also give you directions so you don’t have to drive around for ages trying to find the space!

  1. Field agent

Apps which pay you to carry out research style tasks are a great way to earn some extra cash. Field Agent is a well-known one, but there are plenty of other apps too. Money Saving Expert has a great round up of these. The jobs are varied and can include mystery shopping, spotting job vacancies, checking prices in-store and lots more.


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