Energy bills are some of the largest household costs. But with some easy, everyday adjustments you can reduce what you use and save money.

We featured the top 10 energy saving tips in our latest customer magazine, Let’s Talk. In case you missed them, here’s a roundup.

1. Switch off standby
According to the Energy Saving Trust, you can save around £30 a year by turning your appliances off standby mode. You can turn almost all electrical appliances off at the plug without any problems. You may need to leave some satellite and digital TV recorders on standby if you record TV shows though.

2. Shrink your bills, not your clothes
90% of a washing machine’s energy expenditure is spent on heating the water for your wash. Washing your clothes at a lower temperature will help reduce your electricity bill.

3. Use the sun
If you have south-facing windows, make sure you open your curtains in the morning on a sunny day. This will allow more light, and heat into your home. Remember to close them again at night, or you'll lose all that extra heat!

4. Hang out the washing
Drying clothes outside on a line is much cheaper than using a costly tumble dryer on a sunny day.

5. Turn that thermostat down
Turning your thermostat down even by 1° can save you up to 10% a year on your energy bills.

6. Shorter showers
An electric shower is one of the most expensive appliances to run in any household. Even if you only reduce your shower time by one minute, this can add up to big savings over the year.

7. Draught proofing
Most homes lose heat through draughts around doors and windows or gaps around the floor. A few DIY draught-proofing measures will make sure heat lasts longer. Try draught excluders on the doors and filling cracks in floors and skirting boards.

8. Buying a new appliance? Check the energy label
If you're buying a new appliance such as a washing machine or a vacuum cleaner, look for the energy efficiency rating. Energy labels show annual energy consumption, which helps you understand how cost efficient it will be to use.

Remember, if you need a loan for a new household appliance, we may be able to help. We look at applications on an individual basis, taking into account your personal circumstances. We'll consider you even if you have a less than perfect credit history.

9. Boil what you need
A kettle uses a lot of energy, so only boiling what you need (rather than a full kettle) can help reduce your bills. It also has the added bonus of boiling your water quicker!

10. Change your energy supplier
A report from Ofgem - the energy regulator - found that 57% of customers are still on expensive, standard tariffs. This means you could be paying hundreds of pounds a year more than you would on a competitive tariff. It’s easy to find a deal and switch on a comparison website such as uSwitch. The best energy companies take care of everything for you.

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