Valentine’s Day got us all thinking about romance and dates – whether we’re single or already paired up. But going out for meals isn’t always possible if you’re trying to save money or pay off loans.

Don’t worry though, there are plenty of things you can do for free! Here are some we'd love to try.

Go for a walk

We love the idea of getting wrapped up and going for a long walk with a loved one, or using the time getting to know each other if you’re still dating. Whether you walk in the park, on the common or around the houses, it’s all good exercise too. If you fancy going further afield, take a look at some of the most romantic walks in the UK, according to Winfields.

Have a movie night

Raid your DVD collection or ask a friend if you can borrow a film you haven’t seen before. If you’re not sure what to watch, put a few different types into a bag and pick one out at random. Why not try one of Empire’s top 100 movies of all time?  Then all you need is a comfy spot where you can curl up.

Make a meal

Ok so it’s not strictly free but we all need to eat, so why not make it a date night? Try websites like cooking on a bootstrap for recipe ideas, such as toad in the hole for just 18p per portion.

Watch the sunrise

Set your alarm, get up early and pick a spot to go out and watch the sun come up. If it’s a clear day, you’ll get some excellent photos too. Plus you’ll have the whole day ahead of you. Top tip: Up a hill, however small, makes for the best view.

Play a game

Have you got any board games gathering dust in a cupboard? They can be a fun way to spend an evening. Whether you’re a budding Cluedo detective or a wannabe Pictionary artist, you’ll find your competitive side. Even a pack of cards can provide a good couple of hours of amusement.

Get cultured

Why not head out to a local museum or art gallery? You can find free ones listed on Money Saving Expert.  Many offer free entry and some have different events on at different times. If that’s not your thing, try the local library. Whatever your hobbies and interests, you’ll find a book about it.

Make a time capsule

What would you put into a time capsule for someone to discover years from now? It’s interesting to think about what you would choose, but it’s also a fantastic conversation starter if you’re still getting to know someone. You can learn a lot about them too! You just need an old box to put everything in.

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Appy new year!

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