You can search for a property using the filters below. This will make sure we only show you homes to rent which are suitable for you.


It’s all about location! Once you know where you want to live, you’ll be able to search for a home using the name of the town or village, the exact street, or the postcode (Eg PL4 or PL4 6ES).
You’ll then be able to expand your search area up to a 50 mile radius, so even if we don’t have anything suitable in your exact area, you may find a home to rent nearby.


Set a budget and stick to what you can afford. You can search for a home using a set maximum price so we don’t show you properties out of your price range.


Choose the minimum number of bedrooms you need. We’ll still show you properties with more bedrooms if they are within in your price range.

Property type

Whether you want a house, a flat or a bungalow, we have options to suit you. If you don;t mind what type of home you live in, we'll show you all of the property types which meet your search terms.

Homes for the over 55s

We show all of our available homes to rent by default, including those for the over 55s. If you don't want to see these properties, just choose to exclude them from our drop down menu and you won't see them. Simple as that!

Anyone can search our homes to rent, but you'll need to create an account before you can apply for a property. It only takes a few moments to sign up and you’ll benefit from other features including saved searches and watchlist.