Reporting repairs

The easiest way to report a repair is via your online account.

You can check what repairs you are responisble for on our responsibility guide.

Online services

Creating an account is easy, and it only takes a few minutes. All you need is your email address and payment reference number.  Set up your online account

Your payment reference number can be found on your rent statement.

Your username and password are unique to you. The website also uses industry-standard best security (SSL 128-bit encryption) to keep your details safe and protected.

You can reset your password here and we'll email you a unique link so you can choose a new one.

Yes, you can download your statement and you will be able to print from your computer.

Rent account

This depends on the type of payment you have made.  Typically:

  • Direct Debit: same working day it is taken from your bank account
  • Debit card: the following working day
  • Swipe card, bank transfer and standing orders: up to 5 working days
  • Cheque or cash: up to 7 working days.

If you have a court cost account, this will be from costs which were awarded by a judge at a previous court hearing.

The recharge account includes the cost of any rechargeable repairs made to your property.

If you can, clear your balance by the amount shown and make a rent payment to cover the next period in advance.

If you're struggling, email the Income Recovery Centre to discuss repayment options on

If your housing benefit or the housing element of Universal Credit covers your total rent charge and your account is in debt, you need to make additional payments until your account is in credit as per the terms of your tenancy agreement.

Rent statements

You will no longer receive a paper copy of your statement through the post if you register for online services. You can download and print a copy of your statement using the print option on your computer.

Your recent payments are shown on the last page of the statement (paper statements) or at the top of the page (online statements).

Online, you'll find your current balance at the top of your statement. On paper statements you'll find it at the bottom row of the last page. DR indicates a debt; CR indicates a credit balance. Your balance should ideally be £0, because payments are due in advance. 

Amount due is the weekly or monthly rent or charge you pay for your property.

If this happens, it means there has been a problem with taking your direct debit payment. You will need to make a payment online or over the phone. 

Rent and service charges

If you pay rent on a monthly basis then you will see your rent change from the 1 April.  If you are charged weekly then you will see your rent change on the first Monday in April.

Secure tenancies have a rent review every two years on the anniversary of their tenancy and they are not part of the annual April rent review process.

Your tenancy or lease agreement will tell you what type of tenancy you have.  It will also include the terms of the rent review that will be applied to your tenancy.  

This is the our contribution towards the cost of your rent and service charges which has been agreed for the upcoming financial year.

Service charges are determined by what it costs us to provide the service.  They can be affected by employment, overhead and general inflation rates.  All charges are based on our best estimate of costs for the coming year.

The service charge covers your share of the cost of all the communal services delivered for your property and these are entirely dependent on the nature of the place where you live and the type of services provided. A few examples of what may be included are:

  • Landscaping
  • Cleaning
  • Utilities - gas, electricity, water & telephone
  • Staff time spent providing housing services
  • Fire safety equipment costs
  • Lift maintenance

You can find out what your specific service charges are by logging in to your online account.

Annual charges are based on the usage taken from meter readings and allowing for inflation and renegotiated contract prices.

This will be an existing service previously not included in your service charge before, or a new service requested by your local housing team to improve your communal services, for example landscape improvements.

This will include at least one of the following:

  • Lightning Protection
  • Electronic Door Servicing
  • Electronic Gate Servicing
  • Washer or Dryer ventilation servicing 

This is to cover management and on costs such as staff time, systems and offices in order to deliver the services provided.  This is calculated at 15% of the total service charge.

Rent is our main source of income and it helps pay for maintenance, responsive repairs and future planned maintenance.  Generating income from rent enables us to continue offering a range of housing, care and support and financial services.

The total rent charge you pay will depend on the type of property and tenancy that you have.  We have different property and tenancy types within areas and this will result in differences in rent charges where the properties and tenancy types are not identical.  Your rent will be compliant with the terms on which the property was let to you and with the terms of your tenancy or government regulation, depending on which applies.  

Changes to your home

Yes, you must get written permission from us first before doing any work.   You can submit a request to make home improvements via your online account.

You may be entitled to compensation at the end of your tenancy. This depends on the type of home improvements plus some other criteria. We'll pay any compensation at the end of your tenancy - after taking any money you owe us first. 

If you need aids or adaptations to your home because you're elderly or have a long-term disability, we'll do everything we can to ensure this happens

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