You are responsible for:

  • Any damage you cause.
  • Informing us when repairs are needed
  • Keeping your garden area tidy and free of all rubbish

Fluorescent tubes and starter motors

Fuse box - resetting the trip switch

Fuses and plugs

Light bulbs


Dustbin replacement (unless provided by the council)

Washing lines or rotary dryers


Bleeding radiators and relighting pilot light


Bleeding radiators

Cracks (minor) in ceiling - patching

Cracks (minor) in wall - patching

Curtain pole, rail or track replacement

Damage caused by you to the property, fixtures or fittings

Door adaptations (to accommodate carpets) including refixing draft excluders

Door bell replacement or fitting (including batteries)

Draught proofing

Fitting additional locks/catches or safety devices, for example: peep holes, safety chain and burglar alarm

Fixtures you have fitted (like laminate flooring/shelves)

Handles and latches on inside doors and cupboards


Painting and decorating including papering, woodwork or coving

Smoke alarm (battery powered) testing or replacement

TV aerial, points or satellite dishes


Bath panel replacement

Blocked bath, basin, sink, shower or toilet

Broken toilet seats (refix or replace)

Plug or chain replacement

Plumbing/fitting your own domestic appliances, which must be done according to Gas Safe or NICEIC regulations

Sealant replacement for kitchen units and sanitary fittings

Shower curtain replacement

Tap washer replacement (to stop dripping)

Shower attachments (Hose, Shower Head, Riser Arm Shower Head)

We are responsible for:

  • Maintaining the structure and outside of your home
  • The fixtures and fittings we have provided
  • Any communal areas.

Electrical wiring including sockets and switches


Boundary walls and fences

Door steps


Drains, gutters and outside pipes

Garages and stores (excluding sheds)

Overall structure of your home


Paths and walkways where shared or main access to property



Window sills, catches, sash cords and window frames


Chimneys (excluding sweeping)

Fireplaces, fitted fires and central heating systems

Gas pipes and appliances provided by us

Water heaters


Communal areas (unless damage has been caused by you)

Door hinges and skirting

Doors and frames

Fixtures and fittings provided by us

Walls, floors and ceilings


Basin or sink replacement

Unblocking external waste pipes ONLY

Water supply and water pipes