Giving your notice

  • The termination of tenancy must be made by the named person(s) on the tenancy agreement.
  • Written notice is required to enable the agreement to be ended, as this is a legal document.
  • A Power of Attorney or Court Appointed Deputy can instigate the process to end a tenancy. In these circumstances, evidence would need to be provided to for the permission to act on their behalf.
  • If the tenant has passed away, the next of kin will be asked to provide a copy of the death certificate in order for the notice period to be given

What you need to do

  • Complete a ‘Termination of tenancy form’ and email or post to the Business Support Unit.
  • Or send an email stating your name, address, contact details and expected tenancy end date and send it to the Business Support Unit.

Please note, tenancies run in periodic weeks and the notice period will start from the next Sunday following receipt of the written termination

What happens next

  • On receipt of the written notice, we will write to you to confirm the end date of your tenancy.
  • Our Central Lettings team will then contact you to discuss returning the keys and any other required actions.

Withdrawing your notice

Once we've accepted your written notice, you no longer have any rights to the tenancy.  Any requests to rescind the notice will be looked at on an individual basis and a decision made at our discretion.


Business Support Unit

PO Box 2070, PR5 9BY.