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Strengthening our commitment to sustainability

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As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we are now members of the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC). This membership will help the Group with future sustainability planning and action to align with our environmental sustainability strategy.


Founded in 2007, UKGBC is an industry-led network aiming to radically improve the sustainability of the built environment, enabling people to thrive by:

  • mitigating and adapting to climate change
  • eliminating waste and maximising resource efficiency
  • embracing and restoring nature and promoting biodiversity
  • optimising the health and wellbeing of people
  • creating long-term value for society and improving quality of life.

The Council is currently running 27 live projects ranging from an Infrastructure Forum to a Net Zero Carbon Roadmap.

Why is our membership important?

Our Group mission is to stop adding further carbon into the atmosphere and to work towards eliminating carbon emissions from all our activities. The membership with the UKGBC will help us achieve this by sharing best practice to ensure we are fit for the future and understand the latest advances in sustainability technology.

The Group’s environmental sustainability strategy revolves around key themes including net zero carbon, biodiversity, single use plastics, sustainable transport, climate resilience, water reduction and zero waste to landfill.

An example of the strategy in action is our greener homes. All new homes are built to optimise energy performance, and we are analysing our existing stock to plan more effective retrofit programmes to reduce our overall carbon emissions.

Julie Alexander, Director of Technology and Innovation, says:

“We are delighted to be members of the UKGBC as part of our ongoing commitment to the environment and the communities we serve. Rooted in our Group vision, it’s our responsibility to ensure we’re making a positive impact on people, places and the planet.”

Our continued commitment

In December, we released our Environmental Social, and Governance (ESG) report which showcases the Group’s approach to the significant social, economic and environmental challenges faced today.

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