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Boost your wellbeing in 2022

– 2 min read

January is a time for new beginnings when people have good intentions to change their lives for the better. Keeping on top of your mental health and wellbeing is essential to living happy and healthy lives. We’ve put together some top tips to help improve how you feel and make a positive difference.

Get active

Regular physical activity is excellent for your body and mind. It is never too late to get active and improve your health. The NHS suggests adults should aim to be active every day – whether that’s taking a brisk walk, going on a bike ride, or simply dancing to your favourite music, being active can help you get fit, boost your energy, and make you feel happier.

 Connect with others

Keeping in touch with those around you, such as family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues can increase your happiness. Supportive people make you feel cared for and help you deal with the stresses of life.

  • Make time to chat with those in your community or the people you live with each day. If you or someone you know would benefit from a regular befriending call, please email
  • Use technology to stay in touch with your family and friends. Meeting face-to-face is brilliant, but it’s not always possible these days as we know. So why not give them a call or perhaps video call them instead? If you or someone you know needs help to get online, join online groups or make the most of the internet, please email us at
  • Volunteering has been essential in supporting communities through the pandemic and is a great way to meet like-minded people and make a difference. Click here for more information on how to get involved.
  • We have also launched a range of projects that offer employment support, digital training and wellbeing. For more information about the projects in your area, please visit our community projects page.

Take more time to savour the moment

Paying attention to your surroundings and the present moment is an effective way of improving your wellbeing. Learning to savour the moment is a great way to increase your happiness and quality of life.

  • Try to pay more attention to the little things, such watching the sunset or listening to the birds chirping.
  • Pledge to try new things often. Why not take up a new hobby this year or trial a new recipe every other week? For delicious recipes and food inspiration, please visit BBC Food. Minor changes each day can help you be more present and switch out of ‘autopilot’.

Understanding Mental Health

If you’re interested in learning more about mental health and wellbeing, we have an online training course available for all our customers. For free access, please email

If you are worried about your own or someone else’s mental health, ask for help. For more information on organisations specialising in providing mental health support, please click here. You can also email our wellbeing coordinator at for help accessing local support groups.


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