Touchstone is our dedicated private rental sector property management company, acting for clients and tenants as a single, professional landlord.

They work with corporate and private landlords, offer back office provision for lettings agents and manage properties in receivership.

The Keel, Liverpool


The Residential Management Group (RMG) is one the largest and most respected property management specialists, offering bespoke services to private and public sector clients.

The company mainly looks after purchased properties that are under leasehold, while outsourced housing options and homelessness services are provided for local authorities.


Derwent FM

Derwent Facilities Management (Derwent FM) offers a range of building management and maintenance services including landscaping, repairs and voids services.

As a subsidiary of housing provider Derwent Living, profits are invested in the development and refurbishment of affordable homes, furthering our social purpose.

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Places Impact

As a registered charity, Places Impact works to create better facilities and opportunities in neighbourhoods.

Our tenancy and neighbourhood management services cover more than 200 local authorities, ensuring neighbourhoods are kept safe, clean and as attractive as possible.

Property Services

Responsible for long-term asset investment planning and delivery of large scale investment programmes.

We offer a national maintenance service to over 50,000 properties across Group and external contracts, and manage contract delivery for a range of compliance related services.

In addition, we deal with the delivery of over £50m of property investment every year and provide a range of property and construction related consultancy services.


Our commercially competitive landscaping company improves and maintains green spaces in our own neighbourhoods and those managed by other housing providers.

We pride ourselves on our great service delivery and technical support, and utilise the best equipment to ensure work is carried out in the safest and most efficient way.