We provide local authorities with an extensive range of services to assist those in housing need.

We manage housing advice, homelessness prevention, housing options and statutory homelessness services on behalf of local authorities. Our customer service team handles over 85,000 telephone calls each year from those facing homelessness or needing housing advice.

Housing options

RMG has provided Westminster City Council with a full Housing Options Service since 2001. It is the only fully integrated Housing Options service provided by a private sector company for a local authority.

It is unique in the UK, and we’re now proud to be offering the service to the wider market. The success of the service is down to RMG’s ability to be flexible and to adapt our service delivery to the ever changing pressures of the sector, coupled with our long history of public sector property and service management.



RMG will ensure you receive a client-focused approach to residential property management, delivering high-quality customer service and best in class professional practice.

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