We offer a complete range of property related services including long-term investment planning, surveying, repairs and maintenance, gas servicing, electrical testing and compliance services.

Property services all under one roof

Gas servicing

We ensure all properties have a valid gas safety certificate. We follow a comprehensive process to notify customers we require access to their property. We also maintain all gas appliances, offering an emergency and standard repairs service. 

Electrical testing

Our Electrical Compliance Team ensure all properties have a valid Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). We follow a comprehensive process to notify customers when we will require access to their property to undertake the necessary electrical safety testing. We ensure our procedures are of high quality and are value for money as we strive to deliver high standards of workmanship and electrical safety for our customers.

Routine repairs service

We can offer a comprehensive repairs service covering all elements of a routine repair. Monitoring our repairs through our Maintenance System, the repair is automatically scheduled and positively appointed.

Emergency repairs service

Customers can call in at any time of day or night to our Customer Service Centre to raise an emergency repair. Our scheduling team allocate the job to the appropriate operative (location, skill set and availability). The integrated van tracking system identifies those operatives closest to the address.

Investment strategy and compliance

Responsible for ensuring compliance is achieved, delivery of the asset investment strategy, performance management, investment planning, data analysis and oversight of all the asset investment programmes.

Technical services

Responsible for the project, programme and cost management of the investment programmes. The team consists of building and quantity surveying staff with responsibility for the delivery of:

  • Property condition and validation surveys
  • Programme development
  • Project management
  • Procurement and commissioning of contractors / suppliers
  • Cost management, contract and financial administration
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Performance and quality monitoring
  • Stock investment appraisals and customer / stakeholder and staff engagement.