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We have strong and diverse experience in buying, planning and building award-winning Communities.

We are actively looking for sites to fulfil our growth ambitions. Please contact our team to discuss a potential disposal or acquisition, or to progress a development or placemaking opportunity.‚Äč

Places for People - Developments

Jon Cook 
Group Managing Director 
E: Jonathan.cook@placesforpeople.co.uk 

Group Development 

Andrew Usher
Group Development Director 
E: Andrew.usher@placesforpeople.co.uk 

Philip Pearson
Development Director 
E: Philip.pearson@placesforpeople.co.uk 

Strategic Land (UK wide) 

David Ashworth
Strategic Land Director
E: David.ashworth@placesforpeople.co.uk

Placemaking & Regeneration (UK wide) 

Sammie Steele 
Managing Director 
E: Sammie.steele@placesforpeople.co.uk 

Yuved Bheenick 
Development Director 
E: Yuved.bheenick@placesforpeople.co.uk 

Tim Gardiner 
Land and Partnerships Director 
E: Tim.gardiner@placesforpeople.co.uk 


Roddy Macdonald 

Managing Director 
E: Roddy.macdonald@placesforpeople.co.uk 

Neil Ross 
Development Director 
E: Neil.ross@placesforpeople.co.uk 

Central & North 

Nilam Buchanan 
Managing Director 
E: Nilam.buchanan@placesforpeople.co.uk 

Martin Edwards 
Development Director 
E: Martin.edwards@placesforpeople.co.uk 

South East 

John Kerr 
Managing Director 
E: John.kerr@placesforpeople.co.uk 

Nicola Bale
Development Director
E: nicola.bale@placesforpeople.co.uk

Ben Ruston 
Development Director 
E: Ben.ruston@placesforpeople.co.uk 

South West 

Darren Dancey 
Managing Director
E: Darren.dancey@placesforpeople.co.uk

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