Starting a new chapter at Dominion: One couple’s Shared Ownership journey

A young couple, Natalie and Richard, recently started a new chapter of their lives as they moved into their new home in our development at Dominion in Doncaster.

The couple used the government-backed Shared Ownership scheme to purchase 50% of a two-bedroom semi-detached property at the development by Places for People. The move means that Natalie and Richard have escaped the escalating prices of the rental market and are now enjoying the peace of mind that they have invested in their future as a family.    

In the story below, they reveal their motivations to choose the Shared Ownership scheme and share their experience from joining the Community at Dominion.

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What made you choose the Shared Ownership scheme by Places for People?

“After discussing the idea of living together for a while, we were both excited for our next chapter and the added independence it would give us away from living with friends and family. I’ve always been a good ‘rainy day’ money saver and living at home gave me the flexibility to save even harder with the goal of moving in mind.

“We were both in a strong financial position to be able to buy a new home together in early 2022. We were keen not to fritter away our savings paying rent, and prices in the private sale market were extortionate. When renting, you cannot be certain that the landlord will solve any issues that arise, nor do you have the security they won’t sell the property.

“We looked at what options were available to us and that’s when we found out more about buying a property through Shared Ownership. It soon became clear it was the ideal choice, making purchasing a property more affordable and giving us a beautiful new home that we could make our own.”

What were your first impressions when viewing the property? 

“I was aware of Dominion by Places for People, as the development is very close to my family home. My friend also purchased a property within the first phase at Dominion ten years ago and spoke highly about the development."

“At the show home viewing, we were blown away by the quality of the properties and experienced the friendly feel of the development first hand.”

“We reserved a two-bedroom property, which was the last plot available, shortly afterwards. We moved in this February and could not be happier.”

Natalie And Richard 3

How does the location of your new home benefit your day-to-day life?

“Dominion’s location was a big plus for us; both Richard and I now have shorter commutes, which is great as neither of us work from home. We both drive and can get to work in about 10 minutes via the M18 as it is just a few minutes away from home.

“When we’re not working, I enjoy going over to Lakeside Village, and now we live close there are so many restaurants we are looking forward to trying, as well as a cinema and tenpin bowling.

“In terms of the social side, we’re pleased we’ve remained close to family and friends in wider Balby. My mum’s just seven minutes away so I still get to go back to the house I had grown up in, but I’d love for her to move to Dominion too, as there are just so many benefits to buying a new home here.” 

How does your new Shared Ownership home align with your plans for the future?

“We wanted to find a property with a garden big enough for two dogs, as we are excited to be adding two American Akitas to our family later this year. We’re lucky to have a lovely big lawn at our new home, as well as easy access to local park Woodfields, just three minutes down the road.

“I’m a massive animal lover so it was important to me that we lived in a community with other dogs, so ours could be well socialised; we have already seen lots of different breeds living at Dominion since we moved in!

“The relaxed, friendly atmosphere here is also ideal for children which is great as we may start a family in the future.”
Natalie And Richard 2

What do you enjoy the most about your new Shared Ownership home?

“We absolutely love our new home at Dominion. The light and airy layout means it feels really spacious, and I love how the sun floods in through our living room bi-fold doors. We have so much more storage too, which is something we used to struggle with.

“I plan on doing some planting in the garden and testing out some warm toned paint colours in our living room.

“Richard and I are delighted with life at Dominion and we would highly recommend homes here.”

Why was Shared Ownership a good option for you and how did you find the process with Places for People?

“The sales process with Places for People was very straightforward, and their communication was excellent throughout, especially from the friendly Sales Manager, Diane.

“Buying a Shared Ownership property made sense for us, as it is a much more affordable way to get onto the property ladder. We split our monthly outgoings, and Richard’s half works out as the same as the rent he was paying for the previous home he shared, but now the money is going towards home ownership, which is much more worthwhile.

“We plan on staircasing and buying a higher share in the future.”

Homes at Dominion start at £148,500 for a two-bedroom apartment. Find out more information about Shared Ownership two, three, and four-bedroom homes available at Dominion in Doncaster.