The benefits of buying a new-build house

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House hunting is a very subjective thing – what might be one person’s dream home isn’t necessarily going to tick someone else’s boxes, and vice versa. 

But whether you’re saving up to buy your first home or you’re an existing homeowner planning your next move, the benefits of buying a new-build home are certainly worth considering. In fact, a recent study* found that nearly half of home buyers (44%) – attracted by having a home under warranty and features such as better energy efficiency – lean more towards new builds than older properties. 

If you’re wondering ‘Should I buy a new build?’, this article explains how buying off plan could prove to be more beneficial than you might think.

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More choice when you buy off plan

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Buying a new build home off plan means it hasn’t been built yet, so providing you act quickly it also means you can have your pick of available plots. If you have a growing family, you might want to prioritise a bigger garden whereas if you’re just starting out, a more modest, affordable plot could be the best choice for you. 

Speaking of affordability, when you buy new from a developer, you can usually choose from a variety of buying schemes – such as Shared Ownership and Shared Equity (in Scotland) – designed to help you onto and along the property ladder. At Places for People, we can also ease the cost of securing your brand-new home with our Mortgage Contribution and Stamp Duty / LBTT Contribution schemes, both of which free up cash to spend elsewhere.

High quality and energy efficiency in new builds

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Research by the Home Builders Federation (HBF) shows that new homes are much more environmentally friendly than older, equivalent properties, emitting just 1.4 tonnes of carbon annually, as opposed to the 3.6 tonnes that existing properties emit.

Our own low-carbon homes are designed and built to sustainable environmental standards, with efficient heating systems and energy-saving technology aimed at cutting your energy use and lowering your bills. As a guide, the HBF calculates that people who buy new save on average £2,510.73 on household bills each year!

When you buy a brand-new Places for People home, you can expect high-specification living spaces featuring energy-efficient lighting and double-glazed doors and windows, as well as good-quality kitchens and bathrooms fitted with water-saving devices – all finished to an exquisite standard.

Customer-led build and design for new builds

New build homes are up-to-the minute in every sense, reflecting the latest lifestyle trends such as flexible living space for things like home working, access to smart technology and a balcony or garden to embrace the great outdoors. Older properties – while charming – often lack the thoughtful additions that make day-to-day living more comfortable and convenient.

At Places for People, we listen carefully to Customers and design our homes and Communities based on what they tell us matters most to them. That’s why our homes incorporate generous-sized rooms and storage along with private outdoor space and parking, while our developments are located close to good transport links, attractive green spaces and handy amenities.

Another advantage of buying new is that some developers – Places for People included – might be able to give you the option to personalise your new home (providing you reserve early enough) by choosing things such as your kitchen colour scheme and worktops.


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Brand new home ready to move into

In terms of the benefits of buying a new-build house, perhaps one of the most obvious is that your home is ready to move into. Since everything is fresh and new, there’s no need to get the paintbrushes out unless you want to – you can simply unpack your belongings and you’re good to go. For someone who needs to make a quick move, due to work, family or relocation commitments, the convenience of buying new comes into its own…

But beyond purely practical reasons, there’s just something really nice about being the first to live in your home. Not only that – you will be able to enjoy being part of a blossoming new Community, where you and your new neighbours can put down roots and make memories to last a lifetime.

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New build warranties for peace of mind

If you buy an older property, because it’s more subject to wear and tear, there’s always the risk that more things will go wrong and need fixing. Something like a new roof for example could end up costing you thousands!

With a new build, that risk reduces significantly – particularly when you buy from a leading developer such as Places for People – but even if something were to go wrong, in most cases your new home warranty should cover it. Our two-year warranty gives you complete peace of mind, while any structural defects are covered for 10 years, meaning you won’t have to worry about expensive structural repairs.

New builds tend to have better safety and security standards than older properties as well, especially when it comes to apartments, which might help to lower your home insurance.

Buying new: No forward chain, no hassle

Finally, buying off-plan means there’s no forward chain to worry about, which makes the home buying process quicker and easier all round.

If you’re already a homeowner, you might be able to buy a new build home via Part Exchange, which works in a similar way to part-exchanging a car. Your developer buys your existing home, which frees you up to buy your new one. At Places for People, we also offer a scheme called Easy Move, which is where we help you to sell your current property, so you can enjoy a smooth, stress-free move to your dream new home.

With so many benefits to buying new, why not explore our developments to find your dream pad? Whether you’re buying for the first time or the first time in a while, when you’re ready to make your move, we’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

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*Based on a study of 2,000 adults by Cala Homes (Jan 2024)