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Project Workers

The place for caring people.

We’re the place for people who want to support others and change lives, each and every day.

Our Project Workers help provide a range of services across a number of schemes up and down the country. Supporting the most vulnerable in our communities, they help individuals rediscover those intangible qualities that can make a huge difference to their lives: self-respect, self-esteem, confidence, stability and a sense of security.

The support our Project Workers provide enables them to make real progress, and to live independently and happily.

Our schemes cover a wide range of services; we provide interim accommodation for homeless individuals and couples, extra care supported housing for over-55’s, support individuals who are recovering from addiction and provide secure and safe accommodation for people escaping domestic abuse.

Underpinning all of our work is the ethos of becoming “the living proof” an inspiration to be further recognised as an expert support provider by our peers for the important life changing work that we do.

A view from the team

“Having the right qualifications is key – Places for People help you get them”
Gemma Aslan, Team leader, Living+

“Places for People has been my professional home for more than a decade. My career is challenging and rewarding in equal measure and I work with vulnerable customers – with my team and I tirelessly working to help these people improve their lives.

“I couldn't do that without the support of Places for People. In my decade-long tenure they have continued to support me, empowering me with additional responsibilities and offering me more training and development; from training to support customers who have suffered domestic abuse, to managerial training, to a host of other courses.

“I’ve worked my way through different areas of the business, most recently an opportunity came up to deliver the Star project which I took with both hands. This full time position sees me directly managing three staff; collectively we support and oversee 97 customers across the North East.

“Personally the company has supported me too, and the flexibility of my role means that I’ve been able to raise my own family alongside my career.

“I’d encourage anyone to join our team; we want people alongside us who are customer-focused and conscious of the vulnerabilities we face. While qualifications are important engagement and awareness in sensitive situations is a huge benefit when pursuing this career path.”