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Tenant Satisfaction Measures Report

At PfP, we believe we exist because of our Customers and we always aim to do the right thing. Therefore we take feedback and insight very seriously so we can understand where we can, and should, improve the service and support we provide.

The Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) introduced by the Regulator of Social Housing are now a key way for us to gain the views of our Customers so that we can drive positive change.

Engaging our customers and asking for their feedback is critical. That’s why the first year of Tenant Satisfaction Measures was so important to us, and why in undertaking our own survey, we left no stone unturned to get to the answers and detail we needed. 

We’re driven by making life better for every Customer so every voice matters.

Rachel Crownshaw, Group Managing Director of Communities


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Rachel Crownshaw

What are Tenant Satisfaction Measures?

The Tenant Satisfaction Measures, or TSM for short, are a comprehensive set of performance measures that all housing providers in England must report on every year. These measures are collected by a Customer survey and through management performance information.

These measures are designed to assess the quality of housing and services provided, empowering Customers with greater visibility into our performance against sector standards. Spanning a wide range of topics, from repair wait times to complaints handling and Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), the TSMs offer a complete view of our performance. 

Our approach to the TSM survey

When it came to doing our TSM survey, we made a deliberate decision to prioritise the voices of ALL our Customers. While the option to survey a smaller sample was available, we didn’t feel that was the right thing to do for our Customers.

So instead, we felt it was essential to hear feedback from as many Customers as possible. The method is known as a census approach. This census approach allowed us to go on an inclusive journey to gather insights directly from our diverse Communities.

We carried out our survey between August 2023 and February 2024. We managed to obtain a total of 10,676 survey responses by email, telephone and face to face. Read more about our approach.

TSM Results: Establishing our baseline for change

We are pleased to share with you results of our TSM survey covering the financial year of 2023 to 2024. Thank you to all our Customers who contributed to this. We have a clear baseline now that will help us to build on the extensive work already underway to drive real and positive change.

Overall satisfaction


Building quality and safety

Satisfaction their home is well maintained: 59%

Satisfaction their home is safe: 73%

Responsive repairs

Satisfaction with the repairs service: 64%

Satisfaction with time taken to complete repairs: 53%

Complaints and ASB handling

Satisfaction with complaints handling: 22%

Satisfaction with ASB case-handling: 51%

Neighbourhoods and communal areas

Satisfaction with the cleanliness and maintenance of communal areas: 58%

Satisfaction with the landlord’s contribution to their neighbourhood: 54%

Communication and respect

Listening to Customer views and acting: 49%

Keeping Customers informed: 57%

Treating Customers fairly and respectfully: 74%


Number of stage one complaints received per 1,000 homes


Number of stage two complaints received per 1,000 homes


Proportion of stage one complaints responded to within the Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code timescales


Proportion of stage two complaints responded to within the Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code timescales


Number of anti-social behaviour cases, opened per 1,000 homes


Number of anti-social behaviour cases that involve hate incidents opened per 1,000 homes 


Proportion of non-emergency responsive repairs completed within the landlord’s target timescale


Proportion of emergency responsive repairs completed within the landlord’s target timescale


Proportion of homes that do not meet the Decent Homes Standard


Proportion of homes for which all required gas safety checks have been carried out


Proportion of homes for which all required fire risk assessments have been carried out


Proportion of homes for which all required asbestos management surveys or re-inspections have been carried out


Proportion of homes for which all required legionella risk assessments have been carried out


Proportion of homes for which all required communal passenger lift safety checks have been carried out


Read our full breakdown of results

Read our full breakdown of results, including the split between Customers in Low Cost Rental accommodation and Customers in Low Cost Home Ownership accommodation.

Work that is underway

In the TSM, our Customers identified three areas as having opportunities for improvement. Here is the work that is already underway in each of those areas.

To improve our complaints process, we’ve centralised management to ensure faster responses. We’ve increased the number of complaint handlers; we’re also enhancing our governance and control over the Customer complaints journey to ensure issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Click here to view our Annual Complaints Performance and Service Improvement Report.

For repairs, we’re revolutionising appointment scheduling to improve efficiency and ensure timely communication. Through automation and training, your repairs will be handled swiftly and accurately giving you peace of mind that your needs are being met. 

Across all our Communities we’re creating closer relationships with our Customers by reducing the number of homes our team supports by recruiting more Customer facing colleagues. New technologies within our teams means they have access to all the support we offer. Customers will know who to turn to for assistance, ensuring a smoother and more tailored experience with PfP.

Places Management And TSM Survey Results

What happens next?

Our Customer’s opinion is the most important thing to us, that’s why we’ll continue to monitor our results and use them to drive improvements to our services.

Thank you for taking part in this year’s survey. We will be considering how we ask our Customers for their views in 2024 and are developing plans to make improvements and learn from the 2023 results.

Read the full Tenant Satisfaction Measures Report

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