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Customer and People Stories

As the UK's leading Social Enterprise, our organisation is full of heart-warming stories from our Customers and People. 

Whether they're tales of triumphs over adversity, personal growth, or Community spirit, we believe that everyone's story deserves to be told. That is why we've picked an array of experiences from the length and breadth of our organisation to share with you. 

These are our stories, in our own words.

Julie Customer Story

Helping yoga enthusiast Julie find Community

People make the daunting decision to downsize for many reasons. Some choose it for health, some feel lost in their larger home, and some, like our Customer Julie Bickerstaffe, long for a sense of Community.

However, when Julie decided to move into one of our award-winning Park Hill apartments, she had no idea how many boxes her new home would tick. 

Meet Chris, the unsung hero of South Rings Leisure Centre

Over the space of six months, Chris worked with Benjamin on a programme of high frequency movement exercises to improve Benjamin's mobility before gradually incorporating resistance training to strengthen his joints and muscles.   

Benjamin achieved the unthinkable thanks to his hard work and Chris' support. After six months of training, Benjamin raised his right arm for the first time in ten years!   

Chris Customer Story
Johnny Customer Story

Spreading the importance of World Homelessness Day with our MasterChef Johnny Banger  

It's no secret that homelessness is a growing issue in the UK, and with the Cost-of-Living Crisis still looming over many households, the possibility of homelessness is becoming more of a reality for many People. Thankfully, initiatives like our own Mill Bank Wellbeing Centre provide all important housing and support for struggling families and individuals nationwide.  

Ali's empowering journey with the Wise Group

Community is not just what we do - it's who we are. In the spirit of fostering inclusive Communities, we're proud to share the empowering journey of one of our Customers who has benefited from the work of the Wise Group Community Mentoring.

Ali Abudulgalil & Linsay Robertson

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