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Championing Customer satisfaction: inside Teresa’s award-winning journey

Teresa Customer Story

Community is at the centre of all we do, that’s why we recently caught up with Teresa Bolton, a true standout in delivering outstanding Customer satisfaction and the honoured recipient of the External Customer Excellence Award at Places for People. 

As we say in our People Promises, we recognise, appreciate, and celebrate each other and the Star Award nominations are a brilliant way to do that.   

Congratulations on winning the External Customer Excellence Award! Can you share a bit about the experience and what it means to you?

“I was excited when I received my invitation to the Star Awards, I knew a couple of Colleagues who had attended the year before so knew what a prestigious event it was and a privilege to be invited! I was also excited as living on the south coast of England I had never actually visited Scotland before! I booked a flight from Southampton and the journey was quick and easy, I met up with some Colleagues at the same hotel I was staying at, most of whom I’d never met before, it was lovely to meet in person and catch up. The event itself was incredible, the food was amazing and the atmosphere in the room was electric!

I was absolutely astounded when I heard my name called, it was one of the first awards to be presented and I was in total shock! It was such a joyous occasion celebrating all the nominees and winners and I was honoured to have been a part of the celebrations. It means the absolute world to me to have won the award for External Customer Excellence, to date I’ve been with Places for People for about 18 months and I am thrilled I’ve been able to make such a positive impact, I feel incredibly proud of my achievements.”

Teresa talked us through the specific initiatives that she believes led to her nomination and eventual win for this award. 

“Taking ownership and accountability is at the top as well as building robust and meaningful relationships with my Customers, I always consider the fact that each case or complaint I deal with could be my parents, my sister, my best friend, my son etc. This ensures that I treat each Customer with the care and attention they deserve, I believe that we need a much more personable approach and touch with our Customers. We need to remember that at the heart of our properties are People, each with their own individual needs and requirements. By taking accountability and ownership we send a clear message to our Customers that we hear them, we value them and that we are committed to helping them.

“I think the cases where I have made the most difference are those where Customers have told me they have struggled to be heard, they have always extended their gratitude towards me for listening and keeping up robust lines of communication with them. I believe I am fully committed to our ethos of doing what is needed and more to help those that need it as well as always having our Customer's best interests at heart, I will always go the extra mile to get the right outcome.”

How do you maintain consistency in delivering exceptional service to our external Customers?

“The work we all do at times can be tough, to remain consistent I keep in mind daily what our core purpose is and put our People Promises at the heart of what I do. ‘Enjoy Work’ is key, I genuinely love my job despite the tricky times, and I work with a great team of People who all support and encourage each other. I also ensure that I am kept well informed of developments and updates within Places for People and the sector in general. Every Customer should receive the same high-quality service, care, and attention to detail even when it’s not easy. We need to understand that not every approach will work for every Customer, it’s important to tailor the service we offer based on our Customer’s needs. If I can say I’ve truly done my best I’m happy.”

Looking ahead, what goals do you have for continuing to excel in Customer service, and how do you plan to achieve them?

“I was successful in my application for the Pioneer Programme and am commencing this in March. I’m excited to learn more about what it takes to become a successful and inspirational leader and would like the opportunity to in the future to coach, empower and lead others in delivering external Customer excellence. 

"I’m also working on my Housing and Property Management Apprenticeship which will further strengthen my position within the sector. Other than that, it’s just business as usual and continuing with the day job and ‘doing the right thing’ for every Customer I interact and work with.”

Teresa's story serves as a powerful reminder of the profound impact that dedication to Customer satisfaction can have on both individuals and organisations. Together, let's embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and growth as we celebrate the remarkable individuals who shape our Community. 

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