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Empowering independence: Lily's journey at Spinnaker View

Lily Customer Story

The retired auxiliary nurse had been reading a magazine when she came across an advert for Places for People’s stylish one and two-bedroom homes, purpose-built for those aged 55 and above who have care and support needs but still want to remain independent.

For Lily – who has been diagnosed with dementia – independence is everything…

“I do need help with some things,” explains Lily, “but I want my independence as well. That’s what so good about being here, because I’ve got the best of both worlds.”

After spotting the advert, Lily didn’t waste time calling up to apply to rent one of the homes. She didn’t even mention it to her son and daughters, preferring to get everything in place first before bringing them in on her plans.

“As soon as I told them about the apartment, they said I should come and live with them,” Lily, who is widowed, recalls. “But as much as I love them, I don’t want them running after me,” she goes on. “I want my independence and to have a bit of a life. And I feel like I have that here.”

At Spinnaker View, Customers can live independently in their own modern apartment, safe in the knowledge that when they need additional help, our on-site care and support teams can be called upon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Impressive onsite communal areas that include two lounges, a restaurant and wellness suite with regular organised activities are also there to be enjoyed, not just by Customers but by their family and friends when they visit – which has helped to create a real sense of Community.

The facility is certainly a hit with Glasgow-born Lily, who couldn’t be happier in her new home.

“I love it here,” she says. “I have the nicest apartment located on the top floor overlooking Spinnaker Tower. It’s very well laid out and the bathroom and kitchen especially are very well equipped! Sometimes I feel like I must be dreaming because I still can’t quite believe this is my home.”

“I’ve made lots of friends here, and my family come over to see me too. Some people would rather just be in their own apartment, but I prefer getting about and having that sense of Community. I want to experience a wee bit of life while I still can! I want to make my own choices for as long as possible – and I just feel very fortunate that I can do that here.”

We’re proud to be creating Communities that support Customers like Lily to thrive in a home that meets all their needs.


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