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Celebrating Pride: Arran Cawthra's story of courage and Community

Arran Pride

Our vision is to create supportive, inclusive, and sustainable Communities for everyone. For Pride Month, we celebrate the stories of those who make a difference. Arran Cawthra, Customer Care Coordinator at Places for People, reflects on his participation in Exmouth Pride and the powerful connections he’s made.


Exmouth Pride, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, has grown into a vibrant and beloved event in Devon. Starting as a small gathering, it has evolved into a rousing celebration of diversity and inclusion, drawing thousands of attendees from various walks of life.


Can you tell us about your experience hosting Exmouth Pride?


“I had the absolute pleasure of heading down to Exmouth in Devon in June to host Exmouth Pride's 10th year celebration! I have been a part of this Pride for over 5 years, and it goes from strength to strength each year. They hit a record breaking thousand attendees, which is huge for a small town pride event. I did 14 hours in drag hosting the day and nighttime event, which was tiring but I wouldn't change it for the world.”


What makes Exmouth Pride special for you?


“Meeting all walks of life, hearing heart-warming stories and raising money to put on this free event next year is worth every second!”


Are there any particular moments from Exmouth Pride that stand out to you?


“I had a lovely moment with a mother and her child which I will hold close for a long time. The child saw me two years ago and was very timid and the mother was telling me she saw me perform and fell in love with me and the confidence I portrayed. Due to this, the following year, her child came out as trans and said I gave them the bravery and confidence to be their true self. Their mum now is assisting her child in their transition, and I have given them a closer bond. The mum thanked me for everything; they are now closer than ever.


“Stories like these are priceless and just show what impact you can make to someone in our Community by supporting, raising awareness and standing together to fight for equality.”


Looking ahead, what are your hopes for the future of Pride events and the LGBTQ+ Community?

“I am a big advocate for the trans Community and drag is more than art, it is a superpower, it’s about fighting for equality and our rights in the LGBTQ+ Community. I will also be joining Places for People at Leeds Pride on the 21st July and cannot wait.”

As we celebrate Pride, we are reminded of the power of visibility and the impact that one person's courage and confidence can have on the lives of others. Arran's story is a testament to the spirit of Pride and the ongoing journey towards equality and inclusion for all.


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