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Turning ideas into actions: how the Emerging Talent programme has been a springboard into the industry for graduates.

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Places for People’s mission is to create Communities everyone is proud to call home. We do this by developing happy, healthy and inclusive Communities for Customers across the UK. With an eye on the future, the Emerging Talent Programme provides you with opportunities to flourish, thrive and grow. Our Emerging Talent Programme is now hiring between the 28th of February and closes on the 10th of April. 

We caught up with Greg Milburn, who joined Places for People as a Graduate Built Environment Research Lead and graduated from the Emerging Talent Programme in 2023. He's now a Asset Planning Analyst. Greg shared with us his experience and his advice to anyone considering applying for our future cohorts.

Greg, based on your experience, what would be your top tips for anyone considering the Emerging Talent programme at Places for People this year?

“Don’t be put off if you don’t have experience in the sector, come with openness and express your thoughts and opinions as well as innovative ideas and showcase how you can apply your learning to different situations.

“Places for People is a big company, have a look at our different social media platforms to get an idea of the projects we are involved and who we are as a company.

“If you are about to start the emerging talent programme, my best piece of advice would be, take advantage of the opportunities presented to you and learn from each of them. You will no doubt learn something new about the business or yourself with each new experience!”

How does the Emerging Talent programme differ from other graduate programmes you applied for?

“I found the overall process of applying more personal than other schemes out there. The Emerging Talent Programme enables the best both of development and in-role training, learning from your team as well as building key skills through the emerging talent program.

“Emerging Talent provides you with opportunities that you don’t get everywhere, presenting to our CEO and directors within the first year was a personal highlight for me, certainly something you don’t get to do every day! I think this shows Places for People’s commitment and intention to motivate and encourage graduates as the next generation of leaders.”

Do you think your participation in the Emerging Talent Programme has influenced your professional development?

“Certainly! The program has allowed me to showcase my knowledge and insight into the business. Thanks to the exposure of the Emerging Talent program within Places for People, I have had the opportunity to turn my ideas into actions.

“My professional abilities have improved as a result of the programme and I can now advise the organisation with clarity in my proposals. Being my first professional role after graduating from university, I’ve found that the Emerging Talent programme gives you the opportunity to build these abilities over time in a non-pressurised environment, which is really important for those of us starting out in our careers. Throughout the programme, I’ve persisted in challenging myself, seizing opportunities, and expanding my knowledge to assist me in my role.”

Have you had any opportunities to network whilst on the Emerging Talent programme, and if so, how have these connections been beneficial to you?

“The programme has provided many networking opportunities through various forms. Our cohort meet ups would take us across the country to different office locations as well as meeting different professionals throughout the business. This is vital in developing your understanding of the different business activities. Of course, we also have social events, a cohort catch up would be complete without a catch up with your fellow emerging talent Colleagues!

“However, on top of the internal networking opportunities, the Emerging Talent programme also has links and connections with other organisations, this allowed me to attend external events and engage with others within the wider sector and develop connections.”

What were the most valuable lessons or skills you acquired during the programme?

“Challenge yourself! If you want to make the most of the Emerging Talent programme, I encourage you to push yourself outside your comfort zone, be open to new things and take every opportunity as a learning experience.” 

Finally, could you tell us about your proudest moments so far on the Emerging Talent graduate programme?

“Following on from our presentations to the CEO, my group’s idea for business improvement was in the initial stages of being developed. This caught the attention of one of our directors, who asked us to get involved with the project and help them to take this forward. I was particularly proud of my team for suggesting something which was clearly so important to the business!

“I was put forward by the early careers team and made it to the top 20 for the Housing Next Generation Award in the HQN competition 2023, to highlight those early within their careers making an impact. I was incredibly honoured to have been put forward and shortlisted at such an early stage of my career.

"The Early careers team and my manager have been very supportive of my goals and ambitions for my role as well as future career. I have been able to express the knowledge I have obtained and insight from the company through my two-year program, to shape my role going forward, enabling me to grow both professionally and personally.”

Ready to embark on your own journey? Explore the possibilities with Places for People's Emerging Talent Programme. 

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