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Emerging talent

Unleashing Potential, Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders & Technical Experts

What is the Emerging Talent Graduate Scheme?

Our Emerging Talent Programme is a two-year, work-based development graduate scheme that supports and brings together talent from across Places for People.  

The programme provides a structured path to bridge the gap between academic and professional success, offering invaluable on the job learning and mentorship. It is a dynamic programme which fosters personal growth and skill development whilst giving the opportunity to deliver social value and make a positive difference to people’s lives and their Communities. With insight and support from our award winning teams and leaders, this is a fantastic opportunity to kickstart your career. 

The programme combines your role with comprehensive learning, a development plan, and the opportunity to make a difference. Our focus is to build your knowledge and skills. 

Everything we do at Places for People is underpinned by our People Promises, and our graduates are encouraged to collaborate, do the right thing for our Customers, and enjoy the work they do. 

The Recruitment Journey

Find out exactly what to expect when applying and interviewing for he Emerging Talent programme. 

Application form

Like most roles, the first step is to complete an application form. The application form asks for your personal information, the most recent copy of your CV, and to answer a few questions. These questions relate to Places for People, the market we operate in, and to understand what you want out of a graduate role.

Video interview

The next step is a video interview. We’ll send you a link to some questions and ask you to record your answers. We understand that recording yourself for a job interview may be a new experience, however this is a really good way to find out more about you. We ask about your interests, what your motivators are for applying for the role, and why you'd like to work at Places for People.

To help you, we will send the questions out before you record your video so that you have some time to think about your answers or even re-record yourself. Once you have submitted your video, we will review it and if we'd like to know more, we'll invite you to complete the next stage of the process.

Interview or assessment centre

If you are successful in making it through to the next round, you will then be invited to either an interview or to an assessment centre. 

We want each candidate to do well in this style of interview and recommend that everyone coming to meet us should use the STAR method to answer – that stands for, “situation, task, action and result”. 

Assessment centres give you the opportunity to demonstrate a wide range of skills while completing a number of different activities. Each of our assessment centres are designed with the role you want in mind. The final part of the assessment centre will include a short competency interview.  

At our assessment centres, you will be given the opportunity to meet your potential future line manager and the team you'll be a part of. Each assessment centre takes half a day and they are planned throughout April and May.

Assessment centres may seem daunting, but just remember to be yourself and relax. You won’t only be assessed against the skills needed for the role: the team will be looking to see who will be a great fit for Places for People and who demonstrates our People Promises.


Whether you have made it onto the programme or not, you will hear back from us. Offers will be made throughout May and June so you can enjoy your summer holiday before joining the team and give your current employer plenty of notice.

Before starting your induction, you’ll be asked to complete your pre-boarding information. This includes submitting references, completing a pension form and health questionnaire, and other admin bits to get you started.

If you are unsuccessful and want feedback, please let us know.

Keep in touch

All our successful candidates will be invited to attend a series of summer 'keep in touch' events. You’ll get to meet members of your cohort who you’ll work, socialise and develop with during your time on the programme.

Induction week

If you are successful and secure a place on the programme, you will join Places for People in September for your week-long induction in Leeds. The induction is designed for you to get a flavour of the culture here at Places for People. You’ll be starting your development journey networking with our senior leaders and meeting your new colleagues while on visits to our neighbourhoods, leisure centres and sites. You'll also have plenty of opportunity to socialise and build friendships with rest of your cohort.

Useful Links

Whether you're looking for more information on the Emerging Talents programme or you're ready to dive into our current vacancies, you'll find everything you need here! 

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Graduate Guide

You can find out more about our Emerging Talent Programme in our Graduate guide.

View Graduate Guide
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Graduate Vacancies

We recruit for graduate vacancies annually, typically between February and March so be sure to check out our latest vacancies.

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Success stories

Some of our Emerging Talent Programme grads share how the programme has helped them to learn and grow, and how it has impacted their careers in a positive way.

Greg Testimony

Greg, Asset Planning Analyst

I found the overall process of applying more personal than other schemes out there. The Emerging Talent Programme enables the best both of development and in-role training, learning from your team as well as building key skills through the programme.

Louise Testimonial

Louise, Safeguarding Manager

Joining a graduate scheme where each one of the roles has a positive impact on a Community or person, is a great opportunity and really helps with job satisfaction and the overall culture of Places for People is a positive and friendly place to work.

Lucy Testimonial

Lucy, Graduate Researcher

The programme is a really nurturing and supportive environment where you can try new things, even if you have no experience with them, without fear of failure. I can’t emphasise enough how valuable it is to have such a supportive environment for your development.

Chloe Image

Chloe, Graduate Marketing Executive

When I came out of university, I did not feel prepared to start a full-blown marketing job and so this graduate scheme has been a great way to dip my toes into marketing, whilst still having the opportunity to develop professional skills that would be beneficial in helping me progress.


Rhea, Trainee Project Manager

I never thought to pursue project management as a career until I applied for Places for People. Now, I feel confident in my career pathway and knowledgeable around my role because the Emerging Talent programme encouraged me to ask questions

Featured Vacancies

Take a look at some of our featured vacancies, or view all of our Graduate Vacancies.

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Developments Graduate

With hybrid roles across our different regions, you'll learn all about our fascinating Developments business.

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Graduate Housing Officer

Work directly with Customers while transforming and creating thriving Communities! 

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HR Graduate

Our HR Graduate roles, provide the foundation of knowledge for a successful career working with People.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can apply?

The Emerging Talent Programme is designed for people with little or no experience in their chosen work field or role. We suggest that our roles are suited to people who have graduated within the last five years.

Applications are also open to People for People colleagues, regardless of how long they have been working for us and their academic history.

Places for People is a People First employer with equality at the heart of everything we do. Because of this, there are no age restrictions with our opportunities.

How do I apply?

You can apply to the programme on the Places for People website. The first step is to complete our online application.  

Where will I be based?

Although Places for People has office locations across England and Scotland, the Covid-19 pandemic has seen a shift in the way we work. Some of our roles either need our colleagues to work safely from an office or work from home - or a combination of both which we call hybrid working.  

Each role will include details of where it is based.  

Do I need to have obtained a certain class of degree?

Not at all. As part of our commitment to being an inclusive employer, we accept applications of any degree classification. 

If I am successful, when will I join?

You will join us in September 2024, which is when you will have your induction, but we will stay connected, with several ‘keep in touch’ events planned throughout the summer.  

Am I guaranteed a job after I have completed the programme?

Throughout your time on the programme, the Early Careers team will work with you and your manager to identify your next step. 

This could include: 

  • Progression within your job role. 
  • A promotion within your team, with a new title and increased responsibility. 
  • Moving to a different team using the knowledge you’ve gained to apply for new roles in the organisation. 

Want to know more?

You can find out more by downloading our Graduate guide or by emailing us at:


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