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Unlocking Potential: Lucy Walsh's Journey in the Emerging Talent Programme

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Places for People’s mission is to create Communities everyone is proud to call home. We do this by developing happy, healthy and inclusive Communities for Customers across the UK. With an eye on the future, the Emerging Talent Programme provides you with opportunities to flourish, thrive and grow. Our Emerging Talent Programme is now hiring between the 28th of February and closes on the 10th of April.

Meet Lucy Walsh, a Graduate Researcher who embarked on her journey with Places for People in 2023. As a dedicated participant in the Emerging Talent Programme, Lucy has been instrumental in shaping her role and contributing to the organisation's success.

Lucy, drawing from your journey, what guidance would you offer to prospective participants considering the Emerging Talent programme?  

“My main advice would be to be open to new opportunities. The Emerging Talent Programme offers so many opportunities, and it may not be immediately obvious if they are relevant to you, but this is an amazing way to gain experience and develop new skills.

“The programme is a really nurturing and supportive environment where you can turn your hand to new things, even if you have no experience with them, without fear of failure. I can’t emphasise enough how valuable it is to have such a supportive environment for personal and professional development.”

Why would you recommend this programme to your peers or others considering similar opportunities?

“I would recommend the Emerging Talent Programme to anyone who wants to work in a friendly, welcoming, and inclusive environment where they are valued as an individual. I was so pleasantly surprised when I joined Places for People at how approachable and friendly everyone is, no matter their status in the organisation. This not only helps to create a positive working environment but also helps with career progression because you can connect with so many people across the organisation and find out about so many opportunities.

“I would also recommend the programme because of the vast array of roles it offers. My cohort currently comprises graduates working across the organisation, from HR to finance, leisure management to communications. Being able to work with people who have such diverse skills has helped me learn new skills and opened a career path that I would never have considered. I am now working with the Brand team thanks to the connections I made on the Emerging Talent Programme, which is something I had never considered before!”

How did the programme facilitate networking opportunities, and have these connections been beneficial in your career?

“One of the first things we did on the programme’s induction week in September was meet Greg Reed, our Group CEO, which I found really surprising. It made me feel valued in this organisation because we were encouraged from the beginning to make connections regardless of status. Over the week, we met every member of the Executive team, which was useful for understanding their roles and also a great networking opportunity that emboldened us to keep communicating with such key players at the company. This has made me much more confident with contacting and collaborating with Colleagues across the organisation, even those much more senior than me, which has broken down barriers I have faced in my projects and opened up exciting new opportunities.”

Are there specific achievements or projects you worked on during the program that you are particularly proud of?

“My role was brand new when I started, so I believe my proudest achievement has been shaping the role itself and finding my footing within the organisation. I am especially proud of my role in Places for People’s new history project, researching our historic properties and communities, and producing content for our brand new history page. It was quite daunting to work on such a big project immediately after joining the organisation. However, it was also a brilliant experience that has massively boosted my confidence. The Emerging Talent Programme has been supportive whenever I have been unsure or confused in a role without prior examples to follow, and I’m grateful for that.”

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