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Helping our digital queen, Margaret, get online

Margaret Customer Story

From ordering that outfit you've been coveting to placing your weekly food shopping order, getting online is something many of us take for granted. But imagine how frustrating it must be if you are unable to do so. This is the situation our Customer Margaret found herself in. Thankfully, our Social Value Project Coordinator, Laura Mitchell, was on hand to help.  

Laura told us: "When I first spoke to Margaret, she explained she was having trouble getting online to do several things, like online banking, checking her energy bills or even logging into her PfP (Places for People) account. She had her own mobile, but difficulties with her hands made it hard for her to use. After a long conversation about her needs, we agreed that an iPad and SIM card bundle would be much easier.  

"She couldn't quite believe that her housing provider would go above and beyond for their Customers. I explained to her that we do so much more than what many people think. As a Social Value Project Coordinator, my team looks after the wellbeing of our Customers. So, whether she needed help furnishing her home, getting wellbeing support, or just wanted to learn more about working her new tablet, she needn't worry – we are here for her."  

After we sent out Margaret's new kit, Laura called her back to check in.  

She continues: "Margaret was honestly one of the sweetest customers I've spoken to. She couldn't thank us enough for the items she received, explaining that she ‘couldn’t get owt done before because everything is done online nowadays.’ Knowing she could get online at no cost to herself was a massive relief.  

We then talked about my accent, which made me smile. Although Margaret lives in the south of the country, my Preston accent reminded her of her Grandma, who was from the Lancashire area. She mentioned that Lancastrian people always like to help, which I must agree with. She then said that a million thank yous would never be enough, which made it all worthwhile." 

Thanks to Laura's help, Margaret's future now looks bright. Margaret is now surfing the web without a care and looking forward to joining ‘the socials’ to talk to friends and family.

This package may seem like a small gesture, but to Margaret and many Customers like her, it's a huge deal. Whether it's to land permanent employment or keep socially connected – bridging the gap in digital inclusion is a big focus for Places for People.  

Laura's ability to listen and understand Margaret's needs is a prime example of our 'do the right thing – always' People Promise. Laura effectively used our resources to improve Margaret's daily life while reassuring her that we’re here for any other needs she may have. 



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