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Paul's Journey from Struggle to Triumph

Paul Customer Story

Through over 80 Places Leisure Centres, we continue our commitment to engage with and meet the needs of our Communities. We aim to motivate people to become fitter, healthier, and more active members of society. Meet Paul Nunns, whose battle with alcohol led to a doubling of his body weight, reaching a staggering 30 stone (190.5kg). In a miraculous turn of events, Paul emerged victorious over his demons, earning him the prestigious title of Member of the Month at our Maltby Places Leisure Centre in 2023.

The Dark Days:

Paul's struggle with alcohol escalated to a critical point, resulting in hospitalisation in 2023, where he faced liver failure, cirrhosis, and pneumonia. Faced with the stark reality that he could lose his life; Paul knew something had to change. Paul shared: "giving up alcohol has 100% saved me."

The former pylon painter also said his drinking cost him his career and almost his relationship.

"My girlfriend would have left me, she had had enough of my drinking."

He weighed about 15 stone (95kg) in 2019 but by November 2022 his weight had doubled due to drinking and he could barely walk.

The Road to Redemption:

Paul later joined his local Places Leisure gym in Maltby. He has visited almost every day since joining in May 2023 and said: "I've never felt as good in years, getting compliments off people every day helps me as well." Paul describes his routine as his “new addiction” and being recognised as Member of the Month has kept him motivated. He believes he is "living proof" that with determination and support, people with addiction issues can turn their lives around.

Laura Edgar, one of our Placemakers at Maltby Leisure Centre, said: “I signed Paul up for his membership in May and he’s been coming every day. He’s put a lot of effort in and he’s looking a lot better, he’s lost a lot of weight…we want other members to work as hard as Paul does so that they can achieve the goals that they want.”

“One of the key things for us is showing what effect we can have within our Communities, so a big part of that is championing members who do really well and do really good things.” Ben Senior, General Manager at Maltby Leisure Centre, said.

Paul’s story is a testament to how anyone can achieve a huge shift in their physical and mental health if they decide to, and the key to this kind of success lies in how our places make people feel comfortable, empowered, and included . 

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