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St Aidans Church - Foodbank (Leeds)

West Yorkshire

During the cost of living crisis we understand more people need help for essential food, therefore Places for People have donated to various foodbank across the country to help our customers and other individuals in the community.

St Aidans Church operate Food Share - a family meal for the those who collect food parcels from Church on a Sunday.
The Foodshare meal is a regular part of St Aidan’s ministry to work with the hungry and homeless.  Since January 2014, the Foodshare team have been cooking Sunday lunches to serve to the individuals and families that use our food parcel scheme. These meals take place every six to eight weeks.

They also operate Food Bags on Sundays at St. Aidan’s.
For many years carrier bags containing tins and occasionally other non-perishable foods have been issued, free, to those in need who approach our Church.Each carrier bag issued contains five tins: one cooked meat product (usually a vegetarian equivalent is available as a substitute), one tin of potatoes, one of peas or other vegetable, one tin of baked beans and a fifth tin of either soup or pasta in tomato sauce. This distribution is an essential lifeline for all those who slip through the “safety nets” of society.It is basic: offering, at most, one day’s relief from hunger for, for example, a single childless person and, proportionately, less so for a larger household.

For more information please visit their website: FOOD SHARE & COMMUNITY MEAL | staidanleeds (


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